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Welcome to Year 6! 

dinosaur discovery



Friday 3rd April 


Hey there, hope you are all well.  I've had some very important news!  Along with our TT Rockstars subscription, we now have access to Numbots.  You can access this via TT Rockstars or head to and log in using your TT Rockstars username and password.  Have fun!! laugh

Thursday 2nd April


Koby's mum got in touch to share the fabulous wind turbine that he made through his home learning.

Still image for this video

Welcome to home learning


Monday 30th March - Please try to stay motivated and continue to have a go at the tasks that will appear on this page, on your Purple Mash account, Classroom Secrets/kids and as I shall be setting tasks on there too.  Remember to keep working on TT Rockstars.


I've set up a blog on Purple Mash for all Year 6 pupils so do get in touch with one another (and me - I'm feeling a bit lonely at home).  


I know that it will be really tempting to get together with friends but please avoid doing so if you can.  It's really important that we keep our distance from one another.    


While we are working at home, it's best if we try to stick to a routine because this will help to keep our minds in good shape.  Below is a suggested timetable for the day:


Before 9:00

Wake Up

Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed


Shake Up

Do PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube.



Read and complete paper based activities

from your pack and the school website



Lego, drawing, crafting, listen to music etc...



Eat lunch, help wash up.



Go on Purple Mash, TT Rockstars,

Classroom Secrets,


Quiet Time

Read a book, do a puzzle, listen to some music


Fresh Air

Go in the garden, go for a walk.  

Remember to keep your distance you shouldn't be playing with friends.


Here's your work for the week commencing Monday 30th March.  Why not have a go at uploading your work on to Purple Mash.  Maybe we could put it on the Display Board. Enjoy, work hard laugh

The Windmill Farmer


You can find the animation at the following web addresses:   or


Monday 30th March

Watch the video and box up/summarise the story either in your book, on Purple Mash or on the attached box up sheet.



Tuesday 31st March

Watch the film.  Write a series of diaries written in role as the farmer to show his thoughts and feelings at each part of the story.  E.g. 


Dear Diary,

Springtime.  I love this time of year; it’s my favourite.  The Earth is just so full of promise; promise of new life and the warm weather around the corner.  Even the birds seemed to be singing a more cheerful song today.  I took out my hoe and prepared the ground for the new seedlings.  As a result of the recent spring showers, the ground was nice and soft and not too difficult to work.  Making sure that they were evenly spaced, I planted my brand new batch of seedlings – I can’t wait to see them grow. 


Dear Diary,

Well my friend it’s been a few weeks of waiting but the seedlings have finally started to grow.  Every day I’ve been gently tending the earth around them, making sure that they are not being overgrown with weeds or eaten by the birds...


Wednesday 1st April

Watch the following section of the film: from 1 min 30 secs up to 2 mins 15 (the storm scene).   

Make a list of onomatopoeic/personification ideas that you might use to describe the parts of the storm i.e. the wind, the rain, the sky.  E.g 

thunder declared itself, angry clouds determined to scream out a rock song, sheets of rain hammered out a rhythm, the wind ran,

groans of pain


Write a paragraph to describe the storm and its devastating effect on the farm using onomatopoeia and personification.



Thursday 2nd April 

Imagine that you live in a really beautiful part of the countryside (like one of the valleys you can see from Newsome).  Imagine that a large energy firm has just announced that they are going to build a brand new windfarm on the opposite side of the valley to where you live.  Imagine that you are one of the following characters and write a letter in that role.  Remember for all these letters, you are going to need some reasons to back up your opinions – remember to PEE.


Hotel Owner

Construction Worker

Nature activist


You own a hotel which has amazing views across the valley.  This makes your hotel extremely popular.  Consider what effect the wind farm may have on your business.  


Write to the council and try to persuade them not to approve the building of the wind farm.


You’ve recently just finished working on a new housing development and now you are without work. 


You would like to work on the construction of the wind farm.  Persuade them that you are the right person for the job.

You campaign tirelessly for the protection of the environment and wildlife.  You’re worried that the wind turbines will harm the habitats and harm wildlife in the area. 


Write to the council and try to persuade them not to approve the building of the wind farm. 

You are from a long line of farmers who have farmed the land for many, many years.  You could have either of the following opinions: 


Great, I can sell up, make a load of money and retire.   Persuade the energy company that you land would be the best choice of site.




It’s an absolute travesty!  I cannot possibly give up the farm that has been in my family for generations.  How would I make a living!  Write to the energy company and try to persuade them that they should choose a different site. 



Friday 3rd April

Look at this image of a wind turbine and the poem.  The poem has some metaphors in it; make a list of them.  Now look at the image again.  Can you come up with some of your own metaphors for the turbine (describe something by turning it into something else)?

Write your own turbine poem. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Here's your Maths work for the week commencing 30th March:


Monday 30th March


Have a look at the Powerpoint then have a go at the questions.

Tuesday 31st March 


Have a look at the Powerpoint then have a go at the questions on the worksheet. 

Wednesday 1st April


More practise of the work you did yesterday.  The rules to follow are at the top of the sheet.  

Thursday 2nd April 


Today and Friday we'll be having a go at using imperial measures. 

When you've done with the literacy and numeracy, why not try some of these activities:  



Learn the song 'A mouse lived in a windmill'



Find out where the wind farms around the UK and put them onto a map of the UK and label where they are. 

Take a virtual field trip to Best of Bristol Virtual Fieldtrip: Wind Energy Avonmouth

Carry out some further research and write a fact file to show what you have learned about wind energy.



Make your own wind turbine.  See the attached instructions. 

Week beginning 23rd March

Literacy Tasks for the week  (thanks to Miss Hoare for sharing these)

Watch the film Treasure (see the links below). or


Day 1 - Answer the following questions about Treasure in your exercise book. Answer in full sentences.

  1. Who do you think the woman is? Why?
  2. Where does she live?
  3. Why is she collecting things?
  4. How does she decide what to keep?
  5. What does she do with them?
  6. Why do you think the film is called Treasure?


Day 2 – Watch the film again.

Focus on the rubbish tip.  Describe the rubbish tip using your 5 senses. What can you see, hear, smell, touch, taste? Write down your ideas in your book. Can you add a simile? – It was a smelly as a skunk. Can you add personification? – the objects in the tip seemed to be calling out to me.


Once you have all your ideas write a paragraph (or a poem) describing the setting. You could use the 2publish app in purple mash to write your setting. Save it in Your Work on Purple Mash or write it in your exercise book.


Day 3 – Watch the film again

Explore your house. Find some ordinary things in your house that could be used to make something new? Describe/draw what you have made. You can use Purple Mash for this or use your exercise book.


Day 4 – Watch the film again

How do you think Esther is feeling when she wakes up and explores the tip?  How do you think she became homeless? Come up with some ideas. You are going to write as Esther.   Think of Esther then and Esther now.

In the past I lived in a house with windows, doors and warmth. Now I live in….

In the past I had friends and family. Now I….

Continue with 5 more In the past and now... Do this in your book or on Purple Mash.


Day 5 – Watch the film one final time

Yesterday we looked at Esther’s past and present. Now think about her future.  One day her fortunes change. What could happen? Could it get they change for the better or or do things get much worse?  Write a newspaper report about what happens.  Below are some ideas/headlines: 


Old lady living in junkyard finds treasure!

Homeless lady reunited with__________ after _______ years

Local tip reveals lost fortune

Chance encounter leads to a happy ending



Week beginning 23rd March 

Maths Tasks


Day 1

Solve this problem: 

Ram divided 15 pennies among small four bags.  He could then pay any sum of money from 1p up to 15p, without opening any of the bags.  How many pennies did Ram put in each bag?  Record your answer in your exercise book or on Purple Mash.


Day 2 

Imagine you have 25 beads.  Use the beads as place value counters.  This means that some will be worth a hundred, some will be worth ten and some will be worth one.  You must use all 25 beads for each number that you make.  What is the largest number of beads you can have in each columns?  How many different three digit numbers can you make?  Record your answer in your exercise book or on Purple Mash.


Day 3

Make yourself ten number cards (or paper cards from some scrap paper).  Number them from 0 - 9.  


Arrange the cards to make:

  1. Five numbers that are multiples of 3
  2. Five numbers that are multiples of 7
  3. Five numbers that are prime numbers

Can you make a another puzzle which uses all 10 cards and creates a set of special numbers?

Record your answer in your exercise book or on Purple Mash. 


Day 4

Joe is reading a book.  The numbers on the pages start from the number 1.  The page numbers have a total of 555 digits.  How many pages does the book have?  How many of the digits are a 5?

Record your answer in your exercise book or on Purple Mash.


Day 5 

Scientists have discovered a new breed of aliens.  Zids have 4 spots and Zods have 9 spots.  They have collected some samples to study; altogether there are 48 spots.  How many Zids are there? How many Zods are there?


What if the Zids have 5 spots and the Zods have 7 spots, and there are 140 spots altogether?  How many variations can you find?



Make a junk model.  



Watch the video. Take the quiz.  

Design a poster to encourage people to reduce/reuse/recycle.