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Class 3EM

Friday 16th October 2020


The children have had a fantastic week!


Even though it rained during Outdoor PE, this didn't stop us from keeping fit. We exercised to Hey Macarena, Baby Shark and Cha Cha slide.


In English, we were introduced to our new text, "How to wash a woolly mammoth", creating great actions for our text mapping.


In Maths, we are having a break from number and learning about the different lines (horizontal, perpendicular, diagonal, parallel and vertical. Jenson noticed that an equal sign was parallel!


As part of Black History afternoon, we learnt all about the lovely and brave Mary Seacole, who created a hotel to help the sick and injured. The children have drawn lovely sketches, with some writing about her time as a nurse. We have finally finished our class speech inspired by Martin Luther King, please see below. 


3EM will be having a reward next Thursday, where they can bring a teddy bear and onesie/pyjamas in a carrier bag, to enjoy a movie with popcorn and lemonade. The children screamed with joy!


I am overwhelmed by the standard of work entered for the Stone-Age Competition. Remember the deadline is next Thursday!


Marvellous Mathematicians; Poppy, Renae, Matilda, Hiba, Rohan, Bradley, Lexie, Mason, Sophie and Dexter.

Super Spellers are; Renae, Hiba, Bradley and Lexie.


Congratulations to Rohan, Shola-Rose and Freddie for achieving their bands and to Rohan and Leena for being fantastic role models.


I have been impressed with my healthy warriors, in particular Freddie. He has the best snack choices; gherkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery sticks and carrots. Thank you for being great role models.


Also this week, the children were provided with copies of our School poem to learn. I am certain by the end of the term, they will be able to recite it word for word. 


Please take a look at some lovely photos of how hard the children have been working.


I can't believe next week is half term!


Have a lovely and safe weekend!


Mrs Mitchell :)


3EM are the best!

We love learning!

Mary Seacole

Spelling and Arithmetic facts - test on Fri

Friday 9th October 2020


Another great week 3EM! 


This week the children revisited subtracting numbers in a column. Some children had a go with exchange, they really persevered. In English, Dexter, Shola-Rose and Poppy, blew me away with their character descriptions. Our first independent writing task (hot task) may have been a challenge but Sam, Poppy, Lilli-May and Jack did a fantastic job. 


On Thursday after the class had searched the internet to find facts about Stone-age shelters, they worked in small groups creating their own shelters. The class screamed with excitement! 


In Art, the children created stonehenges using chalk and pastels, they looked amazing!


As part of Black History Month, the children watched the first part of Martin Luther King's speech and then drew some fabulous pictures. Next week we hope to be writing a class speech of our own. 


Congratulations to Poppy, Lilli-May and Hafsa, for achieving bands this week and Kalel & Sophie for being the first two children to achieve 50 stars. 


Well done to my five times table warriors; Poppy, Sam, Rohan, Renae, Matilda, Mason and Bradley. Our first ten times table warrior is Sophie! 


Marvellous Mathematicians are Poppy, Trian, Jack, Renae, Hiba, Jenson, Matilda, Rohan, Lexie, Joey, Sophie, Sam, Dexter and Hafsa.


Super spellers are Poppy, Trian, Renae, Hiba, Mason and Sam. 


We have now added Show and Tell to our Friday timetable as children love sharing things that they are proud of. 


Have a fabulous weekend! 


Mrs Mitchell :) 




Martin Luther King


Character description



Creation images using playdough

Spelling and Arithmetic facts

Friday 2nd October 2020


Hello 3EM,


Another great week that has flown by.


This week the children have been introduced to playing hockey. The children were fantastic, especially Poppy-Sue and Jack. Four daily mile runs has kept the children fit, and they never forget to remind me.


We finally managed to finish our cave paintings using chalk pastels. Can you guess the animals below?


On Monday the children will have login details for laptops. Remember to keep practising your times tables on TTRS, we are currently in second place to 3EG.


I am so pleased that the Super Spellers has increased from 6 to 9 and we have some children have requested to go into group 3, so well done for challenging yourselves.


Super Spellers

Poppy, Jack, Renae, Hafsa, Matilda, Mason, Joey, Shola-Rose, Sophie & Dexter.


Marvellous Mathematicians

Poppy, Trian, Jack, Renae, Jenson, Matilda, Rohan, Bradley, Lexie, Leena, Sara, Mason, Joey, Shola-Rose, Sophie, Sam & Dexter.


Congratulations to Lexie, Kalel, Mason and Jack for achieving bands this week.


Thank you for the entries for the Stone-Age Competition, it will be very difficult to pick just two winners. There is still time to take part.


Have a lovely and safe weekend!


Mrs Mitchell :)





Cave paintings

Creation images using playdough

Thursday 1st October 2020



Today, the children watched a short presentation about Black History Month, which takes place every year in October. To celebrate the start of the month, the children drew some pictures inspired by a famous artist called William H Johnson (1901-1970). He was an American painter who later lived and worked in France.

The children worked all afternoon on these pieces and should be proud of themselves.


Inspired by William H Johnson

Week 4 spelling and arithmetic facts

Friday 25th September 2020


Hello 3EM,


What a week we have had!

I was so impressed with your mature attitudes when we discussed safe strangers and practising lining up for when we have a fire drill.


We had a great time visiting the school library, choosing our favourite books. I was impressed with how passionate you were about reading, one of the best skills to have.


You were all great self managers, with your new pencil cases and journals. Remember to keep your login details safe for TTRS and Purple Mash.


Well done for taking on board verbal feedback, using finger spaces and basic punctuation.


Congratulations to Poppy for achieving her 2 times tables.

We had 3 band awards for Poppy-Sue, Sophie and Jenson, keep up the hard work.


Marvellous Mathematicians

Renae, Matilda, Jenson, Lexie, Sophie, Sam, Dexter, Hafsa, Leena, Trian, Bradley, Rohan and Jack.


Super Spellers

Trian, Jack, Renae, Matilda, Jenson and Dexter.


Remember to wear your PE kit to school on Tuesdays.


Have a lovely and safe weekend!


Mrs Mitchell :)

Autumn term curriculum overview

Spelling and Arithmetic facts

Cave paintings

Writing display

Friday 18th September 2020

I can't believe how quickly this week has gone!


In English, the children have been learning a text map about a boy called Tenko. They have created fun actions to help remember the text.


In Maths, we have continued with place value, ordering numbers and completing number lines with missing boxes. Everyone now has a times table target attached to the back of their Maths books. Well done to Rohan for being the first to achieve his two times table target!


Below is a list of the children who achieved 10/10 on their first spelling and arithmetic test.


Marvellous Mathematicians















Super Spellers








Well done to the following children for their excellent fitness skills during PE; Sara, Sophie, Mason, Jenson, Sam and Joey.


Congratulations to Sarah and Poppy for achieving their responsibility band.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Mitchell



Stone-Age Competition

Friday 11th September 2020


Good Afternoon 3EM, 

It has been a pleasure teaching you this week! 

Well done for coming back to school with a positive attitude to learning.

Considering you have not been in school for some time, you have settled in. 

It was so much fun going into the wild area on Thursday.

Remember you can leave your wellies/outdoor footwear at school.  

On Tuesday, you will have your first PE lesson, "Invasion Games".

Remember to wear your PE kit to school on Tuesday. 


Our cylinder rewards are as follows: 

1st half term - movie 

2nd half term -  baking/cooking

3rd half term -  den building in the wild area

4th half term - toy afternoon 

5th half term - ball game afternoon 

6th half term - picnic party


Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday. 

Remember to read each day and learn your spelling and arithmetic facts. 


Mrs Mitchell :) 

Look at our amazing self portraits!

Spelling and Arithmetic facts week 2

Tuesday 8th September 2020

It was lovely to see you all today, eager to learn and looking smart in your uniform. 

Well done to Sam and Lilli-May for receiving a text message home for being fantastic role models. 

Today, you were provided with a copy of your spellings and arithmetic facts to learn. I know that you will practise learning these at home.  

Don't forget about our Stone-Age Competition, where you can win a £5 voucher. You have until October half-term. 


Mrs Mitchell