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Friday 15th January 2021


Good Morning Everyone, 


Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents and grandparents for supporting the children with home learning. We could not have done this without you. 


Year 3, you have all been superstars. Fantastic effort with using google classroom to learn or working through the paper pack activities. 


This week we have been covering different daily activities in Maths including addition, subtraction, naming lines and 2d/3d shapes. In English you have been learning about a troll through Pie Corbett covering adjectives, adverbs and super sentences.


Joe Wicks is back again, this time with lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will be providing certificates for children who complete all of the sessions until school is back open. 


Escape from Pompeii competition has started and what can I say. "The work is OUTSTANDING!!!". I am so proud of the quality and attention to detail, especially with the volcanoes. The deadline is Friday 19th February 2021. 


Well done to the following children for contributing towards the high score of 1892. We have doubled our score since last week! 6HN have scored 4316 so far, let's see if we can double our score again. Thank you to Matilda, Hafsa, Jack, Joey, Bradley, Amir, Mason, Poppy B, Sophie and Sam. 


Our top 3 TTRS scorers are:

Matilda 711 points

Hafsa 439 points

Jack 185 points


Congratulations to Joey and Oliver for achieving Responsibility bands and Jack for achieving Head Teacher's award last week. 


It was great to see more children attending Celebration assembly this week. Thank you Matilda, Poppy B, Sophie, Joey, Mason, Sam and Cooper. 


Marvelous Mathematicians are Matilda, Mason and Poppy B. 


Super Spellers are Matilda, Jack, Poppy-B and Mason.  


Have a lovely and safe weekend! 


If you need to contact me just email 


Mrs Mitchell :)






Look at what the children have been getting up to!

Friday 8th January 2021


Hello 3EM,

Happy New Year!

You have all been amazing this week, working at school and at home, keep up the good work.


This week we have been learning fractions, which you have now all mastered. Next week, we will be covering four operations, which I know you can do.


I am so happy that you enjoyed the natural disasters activity, producing amazing volcano sketches.


Well done for producing fantastic dream catchers, remember you can send in photos, so that I can add them to the website.


Congratulations to Dexter and Jack for achieving the responsibility band.


Another congratulations to Hafsa, Joey, Bradley, Matilda, Jack, Poppy B, Jenson and Sam for helping the class to score 759 points on TTRS. 6HN have scored 2,145 but I am certain we can catch up.


Marvellous mathematicians are Sophie, Freddie, Poppy B, Joey, Matilda, Hafsah and Mason. 


Super spellers are Poppy-Sue, Freddie, Bradley, Hafsah and Kalel. 


Thank you to Mrs Stott for arranging the class assembly this morning. It was lovely to see Poppy B, Mason and Joey. We hope to see more of you next week.


Have a lovely and safe weekend!


Mrs Mitchell.


Friday 18th December 2020


It's the end of the first half term, yippee!


This week, we have filmed and filmed and filmed again, finally getting it right! The production will be emailed to parents, hopefully next week. 

Thank you for showing courage and perseverance to create a great Christmas production.


In Science, the children have been learning parts of an eye, by making a plasticine model, which they have taken home. The children were fascinated by their models and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.


In Maths, we have continued with fractions, moving onto equivalent fractions. This has been tricky, but the fraction wall helped the class to understand this better.


Every Maths lesson, I am reminded to test children on their times tables. We now have two children learning their 6 times tables, Mason and Matilda, well done!


In English, we created our own poems that rhymed. The poems were about school and were very funny. Congratulations to Poppy-Sue and Amirali, who have now joined group 1 for spelling and arithmetic. Poppy-Sue achieved full marks in arithmetic and 4 out of 5 on spellings, which is amazing!!


Christmas dinner was delicious. The children wolfed down their meals with  delicious sprouts, turkey, vegetable wellington and desert, yummy buns.


Marvellous Mathematicians are Poppy, Freddie, Lilli-May, Poppy-Sue, Jack, Renae, Hiba, Jenson, Matilda, Sara, Rohan, Bradley, Lexie, Kalel, Mason, Joey, Shola-Rose, Sophie, Sam and Dexter.


Super Spellers are Poppy, Freddie, Lilli-May, Oliver, Renae, Hiba, Matilda, Sara, Rohan, Kalel and Joey.


Our new topic after the holidays is Escape from Pompeii. Take a look at the topic poster below, where you can win a £5 voucher from your favourite shop. 


I have really enjoyed teaching you this term and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Mrs Mitchell :)





Xmas raffle winners

Christmas dinner

Escape from Pompeii competition

Spelling and Arithmetic test Friday 8th January 2021

Friday 11th December 2020


Good Afternoon 3EM,


Another great week of hard work and festive fun.

We started the week with football, where children picked their own teams. As usual, all teams worked hard, passing the ball and defending.


In Maths, we have been introduced to basic fractions, revisiting year 2 objectives and then working up to year 3. The children understand that a fraction is part of a whole and what a numerator and denominator is. We will continue with fractions next week. If you fancy doing extra homework, click on the activities below.


Congratulations to Matilda for being the first person to move onto her 6 times tables, yippee!


In English, the children have finished their non-chronological reports. As a treat, the children created fact files about stone-age animals, the booklets looked amazing!


So, we finally got round to filming our Christmas production, but unfortunately the Mariah Carey and Lil Nas performance was not able to be transferred onto the system for all to see. On Tuesday, we hope to refilm, so can you please bring in your outfits for a part two.


We also had our class parties in the afternoon. Congratulations to Lilly-May for winning pin the tail on the donkey and Jensen and Poppy, for being the best dancers.


Marvellous Mathematicians are Hiba, Sophie, Jensen, Oliver, Rohan, Sam, Bradley, Sara, Freddie, Mason, Shola-Rose, Dexter, Hafsa, Renae, Poppy, Lexie, Matilda and Joey.


Super Spellers are Hiba, Shola-Rose, Joey, Matilda, Hafsa, Poppy and Dexter.


Have a safe and lovely weekend!


Mrs Mitchell :)



Spelling and Arithmetic test Friday 18th December 2020

Christmas Production

Christmas Party

Stone-age animal facts


Friday 4th December 2020


Good Evening Year 3,

Well, what a week we have had!

In Grammar, we explored sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs and places to visit by improving, "The teacher walked". The children created fantastic sentences including a range of punctuation.


In Maths, we continued with money, adding coins and calculating the change. The reasoning was very tricky, but the children persevered.


In PE, we had mixed teams, so that we would have a fair match. The children worked really well as a team, especially Joey, a real sportsman.


Every day we have continued to learn our times tables and we have two children learning their 8 times tables, Mason and Matilda. Their target is to know their 8's by the time they leave year 3, so I think me may be handing out glow in the dark bands.


We have also been practising our singing, dancing, acting and art skills for the Christmas production. We aim to film on Friday 11th December, which is the same day as the Christmas party. Children can arrive to school in their party clothes.


Today we had Christmas decorations day, where we made party hats, tree decorations, cards and paper chains. Congratulations to Freddie and Rohan, for designing fantastic hats!


Marvellous Mathematicians are Poppy, Freddie, Jack, Hafsa, Jenson, Matilda, Bradley, Lexie, Kalel, Mason, Joey, Shola-Rose, Sam and Dexter.


Super Spellers are Renae, Hafsa, Hiba, Matilda, Sara, Bradley, Joey and Dexter.


Have a safe and lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday morning.


Mrs Mitchell :)




Costumes for Friday 11th December 2020

Spelling and Arithmetic tests on Friday 11th December

Christmas Party hats

Christmas Party hat winners

Chistmas Paper chains

Christmas cards and baubles

Santa Amirali

Mr Wilkinson PE warm up


Friday 27th November 2020

Hello year 3,

Well we have had another great week. I have been particularly impressed with pride in presentation. Well done for working hard on writing neatly and using a ruler.


In English, we are now ready to write our non-chronological reports about the Stone-age. The class will be researching more information on Monday as part of our ICT lesson.


In Maths, we have started our new topic money. This has been tricky for some but I am certain we will build confidence to add coins that amount to more than a £1.


During PE, we played another game of football, boys verses girls. Now even though the girls didn't win, they did not give in and fought to the end, like warriors.


Rehearsals for the Christmas production is looking great so far. After watching the dancers this afternoon, we had a great comment from Jenson. "They are definitely making progress".


Marvellous Mathematicians; Poppy, Jack, Renae, Hafsa, Hiba, Matilda, Bradley, Lexie, Mason, Joey, Sophie and Dexter.


Super Spellers; Hiba, Sara, Bradley and Joey.


Next week Friday is Christmas decoration day. Children can also arrive to school wearing Christmas jumpers. If they don't have a jumper, they can wear red or green. We will also be having a Christmas hat competition, with prizes. All resources for making hats, will be supplied by the school.


In two weeks time, we hope to do printing in Art. Please can you bring cereal boxes into school, which will be stored away for 72 hours. You will receive a star when you bring in a box.


Below is a competition and Snowman activity pack. Please take a look and if you would like a copy of the activity book, just let me know on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend and I will see you Monday morning.


Mrs Mitchell












Spelling and Arithmetic facts - test on Friday 4th December

Football girls verses boys

Pride in presentation

Adding coins

Improving sentences

Thursday 19th November 2020


Good Afternoon 3EM,


This week has really flown, I can't believe it is week 3 already!


I have marked all of the tests and everyone has made progress in at least 3 out of the 5 tests. I felt so proud sharing your progress with Miss Fraser and Mrs Stott yesterday. Keep up the hard work!


This week has been Anti Bullying week and Road safety week. We have a lot of natural artists in 3EM, so we decided to create posters to promote the importance of keeping safe on the roads and being kind to one another.

Congratulations to Joey, Poppy B and Sophie for creating amazing posters, which will also be shown on Face book.


In PE, the children were thrilled that our next few lessons would be playing football. I was really impressed with Mason, Joey, Sara, Lilli-May, Rohan and Hafsa. They worked well in their teams and tried their best.


In Maths, we moved onto dividing numbers, which can be tricky. The children enjoyed dividing numbers mentally and I am confident that they will be able to divide on number lines.


Bands of the week have been awarded to; Amarali for Courage, Joey for perseverance and Hiba for responsibility.


Marvellous mathematicians; Poppy B, Lilli-May, Jack, Renae, Hafsa, Hiba, Matilda, Sara, Rohan, Lexie, Mason, Joey, Shola-Rose, Sophie and Sam.


Super spellers; Jack, Renae, Hafsa, Sara, Mason, Joey, Shola-Rose and Sam.


This afternoon we had our first rehearsal for the play and I must say that I was thrilled with the commitment to the play. Hiba and Renae, already know their speaking parts! Below I have attached the updated script.


Have a lovely extra two days off from school and I will see you all on Tuesday 24th November. Remember to wear your PE kits to school.


Mrs Mitchell :)


Christmas Carol Script

Test on Friday 27th November 2020

Times table target sheets


Road safety posters