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Friday 12th March 2021


Hello year 3, 

Well done for completing your first week of learning at school. You have all settled back in nicely and worked very hard. 


This week in Maths, we have been learning how to solve problems involving different units of measure. Conversion was tricky, but we persevered. 


In English, you have been introduced to Diary entries and we have been learning about pronouns and correcting spellings in Grammar. 


In PE, we played football, used hula hoops to balance on our hips and skipped with ropes outside. For our second lesson, we did a cardio dance workout with Pamela Reif. 


As part of mindfulness, the children created anything they wanted using cardboard boxes. Behaviour was outstanding and I saw so many children working in a team. Congratulations to Joey, Jenson, Dexter, Bradley and Kalel for winning a prize.


We celebrated World Book by creating a Ron Weasley scarecrow. The classroom was like a farm, but after a thorough clean, it was back to a lovely, clean classroom. Congratulations to Poppy B and Sara for winning the create a costume for a book character. 


We are still in the lead with TTRS with a score of 12,297. Matilda is in first place from both classes with an amazing score of 4,147. Hafsa is in the second place with 1,211 and Mason in third with 1,026 from our class. 


Sara was rewarded with a challenge band for working well in a team, when playing football. This young lady never gave up. Head Teacher awards go to Oliver, Sophie and Kalel. 


Marvelous Mathematicians are Shola-Rose, Leena, Mason, Poppy B, Joey, Jack, Renae, Hafsa, Hiba, Matilda, Sara, Bradley and Lexie. 


Super Spellers are Sara, Dexter, Hafsa and Joey. Thank you to Poppy B for spotting the incorrect spelling of accidentally. 


Very soon, the class pages will be used as an information page as we now have a class blog. I have added three posts so far and Mrs Stott, will send instructions soon, where parents and children can add comments.  


Have a safe and lovely weekend! 


Mrs Mitchell :)


In the woodland.


Dance cardio

World Book Day!


Oliver had some visitors!

Friday 5th March 2021


Good afternoon year 3, 

I am so pleased that I will see you all at school on Monday. 

You have survived home learning and have continued to stay positive. You should all be proud of yourselves. 


This week, in Maths, we have been learning how to convert all units of measure involving, millimetres, centimetres, metres, kilograms and litres. Well done to those children, who were able to find fractions of measure and solve word problems. I also was blown away by how many children were able to solve the number detective activity, as this was a challenge. 24 children answered correctly, and their names will be drawn out of a hat on Monday 8th March. The winner will receive a prize! 


In English, we focused on grammar, punctuation and spelling. I was so impressed with the up levelling of sentences using subordinating conjunctions. 


To celebrate world book day, we held a reading poster competition. The standard of work was amazing and all posters have been displayed on facebook. Posters will also be displayed in the year 3 area and a winner will be picked on Thursday 11th March, when we will celebrate World Book Day. This year, we will not be dressing up or making a donation, however, we will be creating a scarecrow, dressed as a character from a book. 


In PE, some children did a stretching exercise with Mrs Woodhead, whilst others played football outside with me. Leena, was woman of the match and Carys was amazing with stetching poses. 


Matt, the caretaker, gave the children some bubble wrap. The children enjoyed popping the bubbles, a fun mindfulness activity. 

Congratulations to Mason, for achieving the challenge band. Mason has been completing activity 3 in Maths, when he usually completes activity 2. 


Super spellers are Kalel, Poppy-Sue and Theo M. Our Marvellous Mathematicians are Jack, Matilda and Theo M. 


We are still in the lead with Battle of the bands with a score of 12,120 points. 6HN are currently at 9,369 points. The competition ends on Thursday 25th March, we can do this 3EM! Our top three scorers in class are Matilda, Hafsa and Mason. 


On Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Mr White, an Ofsted Inspector. Thank you to Poppy-Sue and Kalel, for being great role models, when demonstrating their phonics and reading skills. 


PE will be now be on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, so please remember to wear your PE kit to school. 


I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March at 8:35am, using the entrance at the back of the school. 


Have a safe and lovely weekend!


Mrs Mitchell :)







We enjoy learning!

Friday 26th February 2021

Good Morning year 3, 


Welcome back after a break from home-learning. 


This week, in Maths, the children have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of 2d shapes and compound shapes. I was so impressed, with how well the children used the measurements on a compound shape, to find the remaining missing sides. 


In English, the children collected information and planned ideas to write shape poems. The language and vocabulary was outstanding! 


It was lovely to finally have good weather, so that the children could play football. Sam and Leena have fantastic football skills, and fought to the very end. Some children had the choice to do a cardio dance workout with Mrs Woodhead. 


In art, we took our pencils for a walk and the outcome was fascinating! Children created amazing shapes, colouring in as neatly as possible. 


As part of digital detox, we made hand puppets, which looked amazing! I was particularly impressed with Dexter's and Lexie's. 


In music, we started a new topic called The Dragon song. I was so impressed with Cooper's singing ability, being able to hold a note for so long. 


Just before half-term Lilli-May created a beautiful garden, which had to go on display. Mrs Porter was so pleased with how hard she had worked, well done Lilli-May. 


As part of World Book Day, Jack created the character Matilda from toilet roll! I think we may pinch your idea for when everyone is back at school. 


We are still in the lead for TTRS with 10,484 points! 6HN are slowly creeping up with 9,110 points. We have just one month to go, we can do this 3EM. Our Queen of TTRS is still Matilda with 3,642 points, followed by Princess Hafsa with 1,130 points and Prince Mason with 961 points. 


Congratulations to Freddie for achieving the perseverance band, for improving his handwriting skills. 


Marvellous Mathematicians are Sara, Bradley, Freddie, Hafsa, Sophie, Jack and Leena. Super Spellers are Sara, Poppy B, Freddie, Leena, Hafsa, Theo M and Shola-Rose. 


Just one more week of home-learning and you will be back at school on Monday 8th March, yipppeeee! 


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. 


Mrs Mitchell :)

We are ready to learn again!

Friday 12th February 2021


Good Afternoon year 3,


You have done it, you have made it to half-term :)


This week, the children have been learning how to measure using a ruler and then had to convert measurements, which was tricky. In English, the children have been planning ideas to create a Newspaper report. The level of work was outstanding, especially Jack's, so well done you. In PSHE, the children designed their own dream gardens and managed to keep up with Joe Wicks.


I was so pleased to see how many children had  logged onto Mathletics. The free subscription runs out on the 19th February 2021.


Congratulations to Jack, Hiba and Sophie for achieving bands this week. Sophie achieved respect for being a role model pupil.  Jack achieved challenge for producing a fantastic newspaper report. Hiba achieved perseverance for working hard completing home learning activities.


Marvellous Mathematicians are Bradley, Poppy-Sue, Freddie, Amir, Shola-Rose, Matilda, Jack and Theo J.


Super spellers are Freddie, Matilda and Shola-Rose.


We are still in the lead with TTRS with an amazing 7,263 points. Our Queen of TTRS is still Matilda with 3617 points. Next we have Hafsa with 1058 points followed by Mason with 807 points.


The Escape from Pompeii competition was so difficult to judge, so I have picked 4 winners. Congratulations to Poppy B, Hafsa, Sara and Shola-Rose. You have each won a £5 voucher, to a shop of your choice. Children who took part, will also receive a small prize. 


The CBBC you tube channel has been updated. Click on the link to see the new changes.

Free to subscribe to. 


Have a lovely half-term and remember to do your homework, which is to have fun. Home-learning activities on google classroom will start on Monday 22nd February at 8am.


A big thank you to parents and grandparents for their support with home learning, we could not have done this without you.


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Mitchell








Learning at school

Home learning

Escape from Pompeii entries

Poppy's volcano

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Sara's volcano

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Bradley's volcano

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Sophie's volcano

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Sophie's volcano part 2

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Friday 5th February 2021

Good Morning 3EM, 


It was lovely seeing some of you this morning during meet and greet assembly. 


Bands of the week go to Lilli-May for responsibility, emailing her home learning activities and to Sam for persevering with his handwriting. 


Congratulations to most of you for playing TTRS, we are still in the lead with 7,463 points. Matilda is in the lead overall with an amazing 2727 points. We currently have 21 children playing out of 24, which is outstanding! I will be texting the other 3 children to join us. 


Marvelous Mathematicians are Freddie, Jack, Matilda, Kalel and Sophie. 


Super Spellers are Freddie, Kalel, Jack and Sophie. 


This week we have been learning how to add, subtract and order fractions. In English, we have been learning how to plan and write the introduction to our Newspaper reports.  In Science, we have been learning about fossils and soils and in Music, we have learning how to sing "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. 


As part of mental health week, we have been wearing our clothes inside out today, to think about those who are suffering but not showing how they fee, on the outside. 


At school, the children have been making time machines, they really enjoyed this mindfulness activity. 


I just want to end by saying, I am super proud of how hard you have been working, please keep up the hard work and stay safe. 


Mrs Mitchell :)









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