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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Physical Education


Newsome Junior School puts physical activity at the heart of developing a healthy lifestyle. We believe that P.E. and developing an enjoyment of sport is key to adopting a healthy mind and body throughout life. Our aim is to deliver a curriculum that enables our children to develop skills to find success and enjoyment in a range of physical activities. This will enable them to be ready to develop positive attitudes, skills, and fitness and potentially engage in elite sports as they progress to secondary school.

Teaching children to become agile, confident, sports participants is a motivating and exciting part of what we do at Newsome Junior School. We have many opportunities for sports participation at a range of levels and being physically active both within the curriculum, as well as during extra-curricular activities. 

We want children to explore a range of sporting activities to: 

  • Discover the activities they gain enjoyment from
  • Develop physical skills and agility
  • Wish to pursue, in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally

P.E. will prepare children to have an understanding of the importance of physical fitness and agility. As well as the confidence to have an involvement in the wider community.

Diversity of sport is prioritised in order to allow children to find an activity they enjoy. Underpinning this is a progressive development of skills to enable them to confidently participate in a range of sports. Our aim is for all children to regularly participate in physical activity, maintain a good level of fitness, develop skills and understand how and why a healthy lifestyle is important. These opportunities are afforded to all children, no matter what their starting level.



Children enter Newsome Junior School with a range of sporting experiences from previous P.E. and extra-curricular activities afforded them at Key stage 1, to regular participation in local club level training and competition. Throughout Key stage 2, children are given the opportunity to experience and develop skills in a wide range of sporting activities. This occurs through delivery of the P.E. curriculum (Get Set 4 PE), NJS’ involvement with SPIN and lunchtime and after school activities. As the children move through Key stage 2, they continue to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Additional to this, a sense of fair play and sportsmanship is nurtured. All aspects of physical activity is underpinned by a drive to expend energy and exert the body and mind to develop fitness on a daily basis. Taking part in activities organised by our sports coach or our SSCO's at lunchtime enables every child to have the opportunity to achieve this.  

Adults across the school act as role models for P.E. by ensuring that children have access to good quality equipment, recognising and rewarding children for development during activities, wearing sports clothing for P.E. and volunteering to take children to extra-curricular festivals and competitions, as well as sports activities off-site.

Newsome Junior School has a tarmacked playground, a large playing field, woodland area and a range of sports equipment to support the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. The P.E. Coordinator regularly checks and updates equipment. All classes are timetabled twice a week for P.E. sessions. Participation in lunchtime and extra-curricular activities are currently driven by pupils, although are guided and encouraged by staff. There are eight children in Year 6 who have received training to become one of our School Sports Crew Organisers (SSCO's). As a part of this role, the children have weekly meeting with the P.E coordinator, to give their opinions and contributions to decisions being made for P.E. They also run lunch time activities to encourage all children to increase their active minutes each day and are a recognised contact point for children across school to make requests and suggestions and have their voice heard. 

KS2 P.E. is planned through Get Set 4 P.E. to cover all National Curriculum objectives through a variety of sports. Skills within each lesson build on previous learning. We have tailored our curriculum coverage plan to ensure that children are given the opportunity to build on skills previously taught. Most sports, with the exception of a few, run on a two year cycle. Swimming lessons are delivered by Kirklees Active Leisure. All children in KS2 are given the opportunity to learn to swim, develop a range of strokes and understand aspects of the need for water safety. Experts in their field of practice are also used to support staff in the delivery of some parts of the P.E. curriculum. Cross curricular links for characteristics of the P.E. curriculum are developed in Science, Maths, Literacy and Topic.

Additional to progress made during lessons, all children are provided with occasions to further develop their own skills, and interests. This is achieved mainly via our subscription to SPIN, which affords pupils opportunities to participate in festivals and competitions. SPIN has a focus on inclusivity from SEND, gender to Gifted and Talented and aims to have every child (or as near to as possible) experience some level of sporting event. 



Assessment of skills, identified within the P.E. National Curriculum, is carried out lesson by lesson. The Get Set 4 P.E. scheme has clear success criteria for each lesson enabling staff to identify skills acquired and plan future lessons to build on those skills. Children are encouraged to peer assess, offering constructive feedback to aid further development during each lesson.

These judgements will be quality assured by subject leaders using first-hand evidence of how pupils are doing, drawing together evidence from lesson observations, evidence through photographs and pupil voice to monitor ongoing progress.

Assessments will inform the curriculum and whether children are ready for the next stage in the curriculum.