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Class 6BW

Please look on the Year 6 page for home learning activities; they are all being put under one page. 

Parents` Evening for 6BW will take place next week and the booking system is ready.

On Wednesday 11th March, Miss Hoare will be meeting parents between 3.30pm – 5.30pm.

On Thursday 12th March, Mrs. Newsome will be meeting parents between 4.10pm – 5.30pm.

We look forward to seeing you then.



We've made a positive start back after the holiday and we're all ready for the final push as we work towards SATs.  This week's spellings are:  system, temperature, thorough, twelfth and variety (Y5/6 statutory words) and guide, island, solemn, subtle and knowledge (silent letters spelling rule).

This week has been assessment week and the children have shown a fantastic positive attitude towards their learning! We have also been learning all about Microorganisms and have created some great informative posters about harmful and helpful microorganisms! 



WOW! Our arithmetic scores are getting higher and higher! If you don't believe us, look for yourself!




The children have all been very busy this week, writing a set of instructions for a pair of magic gloves, a magic watch and a magic hat. Here are some fantastic examples: 



Miss Walker and all the support staff in Year 6 would like to say a Happy New Year and a huge welcome back to the children. This term our topic will be: 'Ancient Egyptians'. We will be learning all about mummification, the pyramids and making our own Egyptian Death Masks! Watch this space for some of the children's fantastic work! 

Hello parents and carers! 

Class 6BW now have their very own class page which will be regularly updated, showcasing the children's fantastic work and giving updates on what they have been up to throughout their busy school week! 

Class 6BW is taught by Miss Walker and is supported by Mrs Farnsworth and Miss O'Sullivan. 


This term our Topic is 'The Land Before Time'. We have been learning all about The Mesozoic Era! Look at some of our fantastic Artwork!



The children have been working extremely hard throughout the Autumn Term in preparation for their KS2 tests, especially in Maths! This week has been shape crazy and the children have been learning to find the area of compound shapes and triangles. Here is some of their fantastic work: