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Class 4KH

Thursday 2nd April

Hello there... I enjoyed looking at your animations and Easter eggs yesterday.  It's not too late to do the work if you didn't have time yesterday. 

I've set work for the next 2 days on purple mash:

chapter 1 and 2 of The Magic Pen and questions to answer

ordering angles and acute and obtuse angles

Don't forget if you don't score very well you can always have another go. 

Writing challenge for the next 2 days.  Write instructions of how to make a simple meal or bake a cake or buns.  Follow them with an adult.  Did they work or was it tricky? If they didn't work then edit and re-write them. Don't forget to list your ingredients, number each instruction and use imperative (bossy) verbs.  Take a picture of your finished food and save it for when we get back to school. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy !

Finally don't forget to login to Classroom Secrets Kids and complete some of the cool activities. 

Take care and don't forget to do some exercise every day!



Wednesday 1st April

Oooooops I forgot to put some work on yesterday.  You know how forgetful I am!  Anyway I have set up a blog on purplemash so we can chat and keep in touch.  Send me a message please...

Please make sure you are reading everyday for at least 20 minutes (remember reading makes you happier and less stressed) and going on TTRockstars. I've set you all a rockslam request.

I've set some eggsiting  work today.  It's art - yeah. Eggstra special it's eggseptional wink

Purplemash - 2 animate - make your own animation

easter egg - create and decorate your own easter egg


Have fun

Monday 30th March

Happy Monday folks!  Hope you've had a good weekend and are ready to do some work today.

I've put some work on purple mash related to what we have been doing in class:

perimeter of 2D shapes

apostrophes - Jane's Monster

In your books:

draw 5 different shapes with a perimeter of 20cm.

write a list of your favourite 5 possessions and use the apostrophe correctly.  Do a list for another member of your family.  Eg Mrs.Hitchen's TV, Mrs.Hitchen's cushion, Lucas' XBox.

C U tomorrow

Mrs.H x

Friday 27th March


Good to see children working on the tasks each day.  Super stars ! Don't forget to read every day. Can you find a strange place to read?

Todays tasks are:

purple mash - Greek houses task - paragraphs and use of pronouns

Don't forget to finish the addition sheets from your pack.

Have a great week end



Wednesday 25th March and Thursday 26th March

Wow - what a lovely sunny day.  One of your very important jobs today is to sit outside - on your doorstep or in your garden and write a list of how many sounds you can hear.  Listen really carefully like we did in the wild area and count all the different bird tweets.  I got 3 in my garden! Record them in your exercise book.  Also find something in nature (leaf, stick, bug, pet etc) and sketch it very carefully.  If you have crayons you can colour it in.  If not the shade using your pencil.

Literacy - write a poem about being outside ( going for a walk, in the forest, by a stream, climbing a tree, sitting in a field, watching birds etc).  You can use the cherry tree poem to inspire you. Don't forget to use similes, metaphors and exciting vocabulary. It doesn't have to rhyme though.  You can make a border and illustrate your poem too. - Standard English work

Purple mash - teeth and digestive system work.  Can you draw the digestive system in your book?

Maths - complete all the addition sheets by the end of the week.

Massive well done to Molly, Daisy and Aliyah for being top workers!! Well done to everyone else who has logged on.

Byeeeeee for now

Mrs.Hitchen x


Tuesday 24th March

Morning peeps.

Well done to those kids who have completed work already.yes  I have set 3 more activities for you.  These are on purplemash - fraction wall maker, sequence snake and story gaps.  I'll be checking to see who's done them coolDon't forget to make your purplemash avatar! Check mine out it looks just like me!

Me and Lucas did the live Joe Wicks fitness video this morning on youtube.  It was so hard but we are doing it everyday to stay fit and healthy.  Check it out, it's fun and there are nearly 1 million people worldwide joining in. Could you be the millionth to join?


I made a timetable for you to follow if you want.  Make sure you spend 20 mins a day reading with a family member now we're all stuck at home!

Before 9:00 Wake Up Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed
9:00 Exercise Follow Joe Wicks on You Tube. He will be streaming an exercise class every morning
10:00 Academic Read and complete paper based activities from your pack and the school website
11:00 Play lego, drawing, crafting, listen to music etc...
12:00 Lunch Eat lunch, help wash up.
1:00 Academic Go on Purple Mash, Times Table Rockstars, Classroom Secrets,
2:00 Quiet Time Read a book, do a puzzle, listen to some music
3:00 Fresh Air Go in the garden, go for a walk.  Remember to keep your distance you shouldn't be playing with friends.




Have a go at beating me on TT Rockstars.  My score is 34!  - 2 tasks set - noun phrases and apostrophes & plurals




Hi everyone,

Hope you are staying safe.

Just to keep you updated on what will be happening during school closures.

I will set 2 tasks per day for children and details will be on this page.

Below are a list of websites that your child can access.  They have been given passwords in their learning pack. - I have sent a rockslam request to all children.  Can you beat the teacher AKA Mrs. Hitchen? - plenty of maths, reading and science activities to complete

As well as these websites there are many others such as Twinkl ( that are offering free membership that you may want to sign up to in addition to those listed below.  I have also heard that the National Trust are making parking/admission free during this period to enable families to enjoy the outdoors.


Finally as part of our topic work I challenge you to have a go at creating your own Greek Labyrinth.  You can either make one using any items around the house (cushions, lego, toy cars, spaghetti, paper etc) or outdoors (sticks, stones, leaves etc). Take a pic and save it to show us when we return to school. You could even draw one and challenge a family member to get to the centre to fight the minotaur!


What a fantastic Greek day we have had today!  The children have worked so hard and shown their problem solving skills by making their very own pair of Greek sandals.  They have designed, made and evaluated their work.  We hope you enjoy looking at the finished product.

We have also made Greek breads to dip into the tzatziki. They were very sticky but tasted delicious with our Greek olives and Feta cheese. 

To finish the day we used bright paints to create our own name card in Greek.

In our Greek topic we have been archeologists. We used a paintbrush and carefully brushed away the sand to reveal different Greek artefacts.

Take a look at us being scientists investigating changing state and if temperature affects how quickly a tea towel dries.

Welcome to fabulous 4KH class page. I hope your child is enjoying life in year 4 ! Mrs.Hitchen is the class teacher and is joined by Miss.Humphries, Miss Mouidin and Mrs.Reid.  We work together to ensure your child works hard and becomes an independent learner.  Our focus target this half term is BEING A SELF MANAGER, which means making sure children are ready to learn, have the resources they need and make the right choices regarding behaviour.

This week's spellings are:











Please help your child learn these at  home ready for our weekly spelling test on Friday.  

A small group of children do different spellings with Mrs. Reid.  These are in your child's planner. 


Aliyah Mason Joel Braydon Anthony Reuberta Kacey Leo Daisy Molly Taya Hafsah

Well done you are super stars!!!

In PE we have been busy devising our own mythical beast dances.  We have worked extremely well in groups and have enjoyed performing our work. Here are a few photos of us in action...


Our topic is materials this half term.  We have been acting out being the particles inside SOLIDS,LIQUIDS and GASES.  It was great fun.  We have also been investigating changing states.  We have investigated the best temperature to MELT chocolate and which fizzy drink contains the most CARBON DIOXIDE (GAS). 




Our topic this half term in Greeks.  We have already found where Greece is in the world and are now busy finding out what life was like for the Greeks.  

In literacy we have been looking at Greek myths such as Pandora's Box and The Minotaur.  Now children have been excitedly making up their own mythical beast and are busy planning their own Greek myths.  Watch this space for our finished work...