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Welcome to 3EG's class page! 

22.1.21 Thank you for the pictures!

Thank you so much Zac for sending in this picture. It is so lovely that you have planted this oak tree to be!

Friday 15th January 


WOW! I am so very proud at how hard you have all been working this week. I know it is so hard being away from school and your friends but I cannot stress how amazing you are all doing.


I have absolutely loved reading what your trolls would eat and the fantastic range of adjectives you have used to make them sound incredibly disgusting! The trolls pictures have been amazing too. 


I can't believe how many maths whizzes I have. You all did outstanding on the column adding and subtraction. I have loved reading your science and RE work too. Who knew there were 3 different types of rocks. Can you remember their names?


Keep up the fantastic work and remember to take time each day to play and chill out!

Stay safe on the icy roads. 

Love, Miss Garside 

Thank you for the many pictures! If I have missed any of your work please let me know :)

Friday 8th January 2021


Hello 3EG,

Happy New Year!

You have all been amazing this week, working at school and at home, keep up the good work.


This week we have been learning fractions, which you have now all mastered. Next week, we will be covering four operations, which I know you can do.


I am so happy that you enjoyed the natural disasters activity, producing amazing volcano sketches.


Well done for producing fantastic dream catchers, remember you can send in photos, so that I can add them to the website.


Congratulations to Maisie for achieving the perseverance band and Carys and Madison for achieving the challenge band.


Another congratulations to all of the children who have helped us to score 18,800 in battle of the bands on TTRS, against 6HH.


Have a lovely and safe weekend. Remember you can contact me by email.


Miss Garside :)







In the spirt of Christmas we sketched and used water-colours to create some fantastic pictures of the Grinch! 




Well done 3EG on your fantastic performance! You all did amazing and I was very proud of you all. Parents will be be given a link before the end of term so you can see for yourself. I will upload pictures on Monday.


I was very proud with how well the class coped without me on Monday + Tuesday - it's lovely to here from other adults how wonderful the class are. 


It has been a super busy week but they have all persevered and pursued success! 


Star spellers

Ruby, Zac, and Siraj 


Amazing Mathematicians 

Aiza, Bobby, Jordan, Keane, Ciaran, Tyler, Zac, Romain, Hollie, Demi, and Siraj



Wow another fantastic week completed by 3EG! I still cannot get over how mature they are.


This week in maths we have been adding and subtracting amounts of money. Everyone tried super hard and were able to add a variety of different amounts. We have been working hard to practice our Poem 'Twas the night before Christmas' please help your child think of some actions to go with their words. 


Star Spellers this week: 

Bobby, Jordan, Stan, Ruby, Ciaran, Niamh, Tyler, Zac, Theo J, Theo Mc, Hollie and Laiba!


Magic Mathematicians this week:

Carys, Ciaran, Tyler, Zac, Hollie, Laiba, Demi and Cooper


Have a fab weekend! 

Christmas decorations


How fantastic 3EG have been this week! The 4 days rest obviously worked a treat, every member returned with such a brilliant attitude. They have worked so incredibly hard on their Non-chronological report on the Stone Age. When they are finished they will no doubt blow you away too! 

This week in maths we have been using money. They rose to the challenges I set and have been amazing mathematicians. 

we will be performing a dramatic reading of ‘twas the night before Christmas’ and singing a couple of Christmas songs chosen by the children. Please make time to learn your child’s lines or the music.


Enjoy your weekend! 


The weeks just keep whizzing by! I can’t believe we are half way through autumn term 2!


This week has been Anti Bullying week and Road safety week. We have a lot of fabulous drawers in 3EG so we decided to create posters to promote the importance of keeping safe on the roads. We also made friendship hands and wrote along the fingers what makes a good friend!


In PE, the children were thrilled that our next few lessons would be playing football. I was really impressed with the girls, they got stuck in and wouldn’t let the boys take over! They all worked well in their teams and tried their best.


In Maths, we moved onto dividing numbers, which can be tricky. The children enjoyed dividing numbers mentally and they have got the hang of division on number lines.




What a busy and hard week! Well done to everyone for completing their tests this week, they all tried incredibly hard and I am really proud of their efforts. For Science Day on Tuesday 10th we dissected Stone Age poo! Most children loved pulling it apart and investigating what food hadn't been digested. For Remembrance Day we looked at the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae and pulled apart the real meaning of each verse. We ripped the poem and painted some beautiful water poppies onto them. Today we have been busy learning weaving skills! Look at the superb concentration below. 


Have a fab weekend.

Miss Garside laugh





Wow what a fantastic first week back! I am so proud with how quickly the children got straight back into their school routine. This week in Literacy we have started a new topic on Non-Chronological Reports. The children have been learning a WAGOLL all about the Gruffalo! We have used T4W to add actions to the text to help us remember the words. I have attached a copy so you child can read it and wow you. 


In Topic we learnt how the Stone age people were 'hunter gatherers' and created a fantastic leaflet explaining weapons they used, animals they hunted and what they would gather. Maths this week has been all about multiplication, its been fantastic to see the children develop skills they already have. Today we learnt a new method called 'grid method' which allows us to times larger numbers together. 


I love a song in maths to help learn new terms and recall facts. 

Our daily maths timetable song this week is the 8x and 9x table. Have a listen and help your child learn it! Be careful they get stuck in your head.


This weeks star spellers! 

Aiza, Ciaran, Tyler, Zac, Harry, Siraj and Cooper


This weeks Amazing mathematicians!

Aiza, Bobby, Keane, Ciaran, Romain and Siraj 




Non Chronological Report

The children have been fantastic this week. They have worked incredibly hard to learn their new spellings, use column subtraction and learnt all about imperative verbs! 

This afternoon we pretended we were cave men/women and did some cave painting. Here are our results... 

Wow how amazing is our herd of Woolly Mammoths? 

The children worked incredibly hard over 2 afternoons to complete these. Well done everyone! 

I cannot believe we are already in week 4! I am so very proud with how fast every child in class has settled into life at NJS. It is like they have always been part of our school. This week in literacy we are writing our own character descriptions based on the book we are reading in class. I am already super impressed by the attempts to join their handwriting and use exciting adjectives!