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Class 6HH

This week in Art we have been creating patterns inspired by fruit. 

We created templates and stencilled patterns.

We created strips of patterns in contrasting colours.

We printed with fruit and vegetables. Look at the results.


Welcome to 6HH Class Page

Here you can find examples of work. Homework and important information. Don't forget you can contact school via email or phone if you have any questions.

Miss Hoare will be in class Monday. Tuesday, Thursday morning and Friday.

Mrs Stott will be in class Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Mr Frost will be supporting the class every day.

PE will be on Thursday afternoon so the children will need to come into school in PE kit that day.

The children will be in the woodland area on a Tuesday and Friday and so need to ensure they have some wellies in school.

In literacy we have looked at doors. We created our own doors based on the doors of Funchai and wrote poems about what we would see through a magical door.

Magical Door Drawings

Well done 6HH on week 1 of home learning! We will share work each week.

This term in DT we have been making designing and making our own cushions using different sewing and applique techniques. These are the final products that have turned out brilliantly.

Welcome back 6HH. We are so pleased with how 6HH have settled back into the school routine. They have been working hard and completed some fantastic work. Their attitude to learning is "Outstanding". We are looking forward to seeing the outcomes of all the exciting topics we have planned this academic year.

Rainy Thursday Afternoon - Thursday 3rd December 2020


What a miserable day - the rain was pouring down preventing 6HH from completing PE outdoors! Thankfully we had Joe Wicks' videos to help us burn off some energy. Here is a link to his daily work-outs for kids:


With some time to spare we continued to develop our cartoon making skills. Here are some fantastic cartoons of Mr Bean. I think that Gracie, Ruby, Malakai, Anisa and Grace K really captured the spirit of Rowan Atkinson!





Curriculum Newsletter Autumn


Year 6HH have been learning about light in science. 

We have learnt that light travels in a straight line, refraction is the effect we get when light travels through different mediums and that light is a combination of colours that when put together look white. Look at the photographs of the experiments we have carried out.

Science Experiments


In literacy we have been looking at the text "Arabian Nights". Stories told by Shererazade to avoid being killed by her husband the king.

We looked at the story of Ali-Baba and the 40 thieves and then wrote our own sequels to it.

Once we had finished our narrative texts we then explored play scripts - performing them was fun.

We then took our narrative stories and turned them into play scripts to be performed.

I am really impressed with the presentation skills of year 6HH as well as the standard of their writing.

Ali-Baba - The sequel

Can I find out about the rise of Baghdad?


In history we are learning all about the rise of the Islamic civillisation and in particular the development of Baghdad and the House of Wisdom.

Year 6HH created some fact files about Baghdad. They really took pride in how they presented their work.