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School Council

April 2020


'Children's Opinions Matter'


This year's school councillors have been keeping busy gathering ideas and suggestions from their classes and sharing them for discussion in our meetings.

In November they organised a school colouring event to raise the profile of Children in Need around school.

In March we gratefully received a donation of £100 from 'Newsome Coffee and Chat', and hope to spend this money on improvements to our wild area. School council are discussing with classes what equipment children would like to purchase using this money. This might include bird or bat boxes, wildlife study kits or forest school equipment.  This money will be put together with money raised from last year's ice pop sale to improve children's access, enjoyment and learning in the wild area.


Mrs Ellis, School Council representative





Since the beginning of the year, the School Council have been very busy making important decisions for our school. The members of our School Council were elected through a fair voting process; this is called a democracy! 

So far, the School Council have listened to the opinions of all of the children in our school to: 


  • Order new equipment for play times and lunch times. 

  • Speak to councillors in the local area about their job role.

  • Organise events for Children in Need. 

  • Speak to children and adults around school about any worries, questions or queries. 

  • Arrange new class names for each class in school. 


This week, the School Council will be working exceptionally hard to organise a raffle with old toys in order to raise money for Children in Need. The school will also be wearing spots! 




Our Children's Board represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.