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Gallery to Computing at Newsome Juniors

Year 6 3D Modelling using Tinkercad


Here are some examples of our 'Teacher Pleaser' mug designs, created to hold a beverage and biscuit for teachers. Children experimented with grouping objects and creating holes without creating leaks!






Here are some examples of the pencil pot tidy projects. Children had to create objects to set dimensions.






Here are some examples of our key ring project. Children positioned objects on different work planes and experimented with duplicating and rotating objects.







Year 5 Vector Drawing


In this unit, Year 5 used the computing skills they had learnt to create a new vector drawing using some of the following techniques:

  • Copy and paste
  • Select and zoom
  • Shapes and fill colours
  • Line colours and styles
  • Layering
  • Grouping



Mason Stead                                                      Hafsah Ali




Joel Shotter                                                     Parsa Norouzi

Taya Blackburn

Year 4 - Changing images for different uses


In this unit In this lesson, children looked at the effect that different colours and filters had on an image. They adapted photos, choosing appropriate effects to fit a scenario.


Sam Shotter


Yasin Samad


Mathilda Mwamba


Sheikhomar Janko