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These are the spelling words we are learning this week:












We were thrilled to hear the announcement on Monday that we will all be back in school together very soon. Just a few more days to complete our online learning or our paper packs.

We are really looking forward to being together again soon.


We have been thinking about Internet Safety again in class today. It is really important that we keep reviewing this topic, especially at the moment when so many people are spending so long online. Children in class spoke openly about their own experiences of working and playing online. We discussed how they had gone to a trusted adult for support on occasions when they felt unsure.

Why don't you create posters a poster to let other people know how to stay safe online?

Find out more at

11.2.21 Read this brilliant setting description written by some children who were in school today.

4.2.21 Some amazing portraits of famous black people completed by our home learners this week! Well done everyone.


This is our second week on our current spelling rule.

My group, our words are: seize, protein, caffeine, either, neither, perceive, muscle, necessary, nuisance and neighbour.

Mrs Sykes' group, your words are: machine, parachute, pistachio, fruit, grammar, group and guide.

26.1.21 Read this brilliant story that Glen has written during his Literacy sessions. Well done Glen.

Ethan has done a brilliant portrait of his friend using water-colour paints. Well done Ethan.


We have a new spelling rule starting this week.

My group, your words that follow the rule are: receive, deceive, ceiling, receipt, conceit, conceive. Do you know what the rule is? Then your statutory words are: leisure, lightning, marvellous and mischievous.

Mrs Sykes' group, your words are: brochure, chalet, chandelier, charade, chef, chute, famous, favourite, February and forward.

Harry is doing a really brilliant job of sharing all his hard work with us by sending us things to our class email address ( We'd love to see what you are doing too so we can celebrate your successes with you.

Harry has been learning how to rewire a plug - what a valuable life lesson Harry. I wonder if anyone else knows how to do this? Thank you for sharing those photos with us.


A big well done to the following children who are continuing to access TT Rockstars and work on their times tables:

Xavier, Jamie, Harry, Ethan, Ailah, Aizah and Elicia.

I'm really proud of you. Keep it up.

Let's see if I can add a few more names next week.

Take a look at this poster that Harry handed in on Google Classrooms. It is really great advice.


Annie wrote a lovely paragraph describing her special place for our R.E. lesson this week. I have copied it below. I am sure several of us are missing visiting our special places while we are in Lockdown but our memories of them can help cheer us up. Looking to the future, it will be great to visit them again soon.


My special place is somewhere I go with my Mum, my Dad and my brother. This year we could not go because of covid and that made me very sad. My special place is Center Parcs.

Center Parcs is full of nature, red squirrels and lots of other wildlife. In 2019 we stayed at 42 foresters lane which was close to all the fun things including my favourites horse riding, swimming, outdoor climbing, pottery painting and playgrounds. We enjoy trying new food when we go to different restaurants. My favourite is Bella Italia where I create my own pizzas.

At night time it is very peaceful and even more nature comes out to explore including badgers and frogs which like to hop along the pathways. I'm looking forward to going to Center Parcs when it's open again as I can explore all the different pools in the swimming areas.

11.1.21 Having listened the the song 'When I grow up' from the musical Matilda, we thought about our hopes and dreams for the future and wrote the lyrics for our own song.

11.1.21 Spellings for Mrs Sykes' group:











Spellings for my group:












Week 1 of our Spring Term hasn't exactly been the one we were expecting but we are so proud of everyone for how well they have coped. You've done a brilliant job of completing the tasks that we have set whether at school or at home. We've had lots of tasks to look at on Google Classroom and it's brilliant how quickly we are getting to grips with this new way of working. I know some of you are working on paper copies at home too and we are looking forward to seeing those. I'm sure some of you have done a range of other activities too and we'd love to see what you've done. You could e-mail us on:

That's exactly what Harry did when he'd made some sourdough bread. Well done Harry.

The highlight of my week was getting together for our Class assembly on Friday morning and thank you to those people were were able to join us for that. I hope you enjoyed it too.

Harry's baking project

Hi everyone,

We hope you managed to have a reasonable break over the holidays. We were so sorry to hear the news that we can't all get together in school just yet but the important thing is that we must all stay safe and we will be back together before too long.

We have practiced accessing the Google Classroom in school and we will make sure that there are plenty of activities on there to keep you busy. We are starting some really interesting new topics and have lots of ideas to make sure that you continue with the wonderful learning that you were doing last term. We will phone to check in with you all over the next few days - do let us know if there's anything further we can do to support you.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Stocks and Mrs Ellis x

This week a group of children have been working with Mrs Sykes to produce a poem in the way that Shakespeare wrote 'a merry note'. They worked collaboratively to create their own Christmas version.


A Merry Christmas


When icicles hang above the door,

And elves blow frost into the air,

And dad staggers in with arms full of logs,

The snowman stands proudly, frozen in snow,

When children shiver on icy paths,

The nightly glisten of twinkling lights,

Flash, flicker - A glorious sight!

While Mrs Claus stirs the bubbling gravy.


When all around, carols are heard,

And children’s laughter fills the air,

And the Grinch sits grumpily in his cave,

And Rudolf’s nose is shining bright,

When turkey is roasting in a hot oven,

Then nightly glisten the twinkling lights,

Flicker, flash - A glorious sight!

While Santa sits upon his sleigh,

Ready to make your Christmas Day!


By Romeo, Betty, Koby Jamie and Jenson

December - These pictures show some of the activities that Mrs Sykes' afternoon group have taken part in over the past couple of weeks. She is delighted with how well they are working and all the vital skills that they are developing.

14.12.20 Spellings.

Mrs Sykes' group = future, mixture, texture, puncture, furniture, temperature, there, they're and their.

My group = intelligent, absent, efficient, magnificent, urgent, decent, foreign, forty, frequently and government.

9.12.20 we had loads of fun on our Christmas crafts day last Friday. We had an Hawaiian Christmas making Lei Garlands and Ukeleles as well as Christmas cards.

8/12/20 Today's Science investigation.

7.12.20 In PSHE Education we have been thinking about bullying (both direct and indirect forms) and what we can do to support someone who is subject to bullying. We created a game of snakes and ladders offering helpful advice. Finally, we enjoyed a game together.


These will be our last spelling rules for this term. Can you spot what your rule is?

Mrs Sykes' group. Your words are: admiration, adoration, information, observation, alteration, cancellation, describe, different, difficult and disappear.

My group. Your words are: frequent, patient, obedient, innocent, dependent, silent, excellent, existence, explanation and familiar.

1.12.20 We had a brilliant day today designing and building our moon buggies. We used a range of skills including accurate measuring, sawing and gluing. We are thrilled with our models so far and we are looking forward to adding a motor and batteries so that we can program our buggies to go forward and backwards.


It's our second week on this spelling rule.

Mrs Sykes' group: reheat, renew, replace, replay, rewrite, through, thought, although, therefore, surprise.

My group: 











These are the details for a local Christmas competition if you wish to get involved.

25.11.20 This week in science we have been investigating friction. We attached a range of different materials to the base of our sledge (seed trays!) and measured the force required to drag them across a surface. We found that the carpet and the sandpaper created a lot of friction (and therefore required a larger force in order to move them).


A new spelling rule this week and one day less to learn them!

My group - we are looking at modifying adjectives to make them into adverbs.

These are your words:

terribly, possibly, sensibly, visibly, resistibly, responsibly,

dictionary, disastrous, embarrass and environment.

Mrs Sykes' group are using the prefix re-

Your words are:

reappear, rearrange, rebuild, redecorate, redo, refresh

woman, women, weight and various.


This week is Anti-bullying week. We discussed what 'bullying' means and what we can do if we are aware it is taking place. We talked about the difference between being a bystander and being an upstander. Let's try to look after each other as best as we can.


There are further links below to explore at home if you wish:


Here come our next set of spellings.....

Mrs Sykes' group: future, mixture, texture, puncture, furniture, temperature

              and then you need to know when to use:  there (not here, there), they're (they are), their (for possession).

My group: It's our second week working on 'silent t' so our words are:

              whistle, jostle, bustle, hustle, wrestle and definite

               and our 4 statutory words this week are: definite, desperate, determined and develop.

We are not at school on Monday (it's an INSET day) so we will have our spelling test on Tuesday instead.

12.11.20 In History we learned how the monks St Aiden ,St Columb and St Augustine introduced Christianity to the Anglo Saxons. We made our own Anglo Saxon illuminated manuscripts.

10.11.20 Today was World Science Day. We wondered how builders lift their materials to the top of the skyscrapers in order to build them. We watched a short video introducing how pulleys work before working in groups to set up our own pulley systems.

9.11.20 We have started a new science topic on forces. We timed ourselves running down and then back up the hill. It took us twice as long to run up as to run down. We wondered why this was.

7.11.20 Our spelling rule for the next fortnight focuses on 'silent t'. There are 4 words from our statutory spelling list too.











Mrs Sykes' spelling group's words are: adventure, capture, creature, nature, picture, sculpture, complete, consider, continue and decide.


In literacy, we have started working on a flashback story based on Neil Armstrong's visit to the moon. We have been learning about his mission and watching some footage of the event in our Science lesson. We also discussed some questions we would have liked to ask him. Glen wondered what he thought of the space food - Glen wasn't keen on his tuna salad!


In PSHE we have started a new topic - Celebrating Differences. We thought about things that are special to us and compared them to the things that are special to our peers. We asked whether there was ever any conflict between groups of people who are 'different'. We are going to explore this further over the coming weeks.


Congratulations to Ailah, Ethan, Betty, Aizah and Harry who all scored full marks on their spelling test this week.


Hi again everyone. I hope you managed to have a reasonable half-term despite the restrictions that are in place. You should be well rested anyway and hopefully your are enthusiastic about getting back into school again. 

Our spellings for the coming week are:











Mrs Sykes Spelling Group - your words are: completely, feebly, finally, merrily, nicely, comically, centre, century, certain, circle

19.10.20 In science, we acted out the heliocentric model of the planets in our solar system orbiting round the sun.

19.10.20 Congratulations to the following children who all scored full marks in our spelling test this week:

Ailah, Anaya, Kayla, Glen, Bobby, Florence, Jamie, Phoebe, Daniyal, Ethan, Umair, Xavier and Elicia.


A new spelling rule starts this week please.

Mrs Sykes' group have: badly, carefully, cuddly, suddenly, gently and horribly. Your statutory words are busy, business, calendar and caught. (We know you've had some of these statutory words before, but they're tricky so we're giving you another go at them).

Mrs Stocks' group have: 











16.10.20 This week in Art we began drawing the Anglo Saxon king Alfred the Great. We all had our own ideas for what he should look like and how his beard and hair should look. Next week we will add paint!

15.10.20 We have been busy in Art so far. We made 21st Century version's of Anglo Saxon Helmet Masks using collage. Can you work out work interests children have from the pictures they chose?

14.10.20 Invasion games in P.E.

14.10.20 In Science we worked in groups to research a particular planet. Our group then shared the information we had found with the class and we made notes. We then presented this work in any way we chose. Look at these great examples.

12.10.20 We are well underway writing our own stories about how Grendel's mother seeks revenge on Beowulf for the death of her son. In the following paragraphs, written by Bobby and Daniels, we are introduced to this terrible character.....

In the county of Denmark lived Grendel’s mother who was a toxic demon. All the triumph in the land was like a bullet from a gun to this vile ogre who was planning and joyful for revenge. Seeking vengeance for this horrible kill, she was determined to tear Beowulf to bits. One night people were drinking mead in a tavern. This disgusting ogre, who was not satisfied to retreat and grieve alone, returned to Heorot in order to make Beowulf have a slow and painful death. Anyone watching that would have seen Grendel’s mother. She had ragged skin, claws like knifes and blood-thirsty eyes.


In the country of Denmark, lived Grendel’s mother who was a sinister brute. All glee and elation was like fire to this murderous hag who was practicing to kill people. Seeking revenge for her son, she was eager to kill Beowulf. So one peaceful night (as people were drinking mead) this murderous hag, who was not satisfied to leave Beowulf alone, went back to Heorot to rip into Beowulf. Anyone watching that night would have seen a monster with scaly dragon skin, claws as sharp as knives and eyes like balls of fire.


12.10.20 This week most of our class are continuing with our -ible words. Mrs Sykes' group: you have some more -ous words. We have had 6 children get full marks each week so far.....shall we see if we can top that this week?























5.10.20 Spelling for this week are:











5.10.20 If you are in Mrs Sykes' spelling group your spellings are: 











28.9.20 In Science we are reading a brilliant book called 'Cosmic'. We did a Diamond 9 activity to improve our vocabulary and discuss what we had learnt about our main character.


I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend. Remember to spend a few minutes learning your spellings before our test on Monday morning. This week's spellings are listed below.

If you want a head-start on next week's spelling words they are: lamb, numb, thumb, limb, subtle, tomb (following the silent b rule we started looking at this week).

And: aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent (from the Statutory word list).

Do you know the meaning of all these words?

25/9/20  Following out 'Times Tables Check-up' earlier this week, I have adjusted the groups on TT Rockstars so that you can focus on the times tables we need to practice the most. We also have Target sheets in the back of our maths books to support us to learn these facts. Well done to Kaison, Aizah, Umair, Koby, Anaya and Arthur who have all been using TT Rockstars since our return to school. I'm sure, once we start focusing on our times tables again, all previously 'forgotten' knowledge will come flooding back. Congratulations to Ailah, Arthur, Daniyal, Anaya, Ethan, Xavier, Kaison and Bobby who have learnt all their times tables facts already. 

Our Curriculum Newsletter. This document is an overview of the things we are planning to study this term.

23/9/2020 In Literacy we are composing an explanation text based on 'How to be a great Year 5 pupil'. We have already decided on some sub-headings we want to use and some statements we can include.


We've completed our first full week back and what a wonderful week it has been. We've worked so hard so it's no wonder that we're all exhausted and ready to re-charge our batteries over the weekend.

We are finding our feet and getting into a great routine. Here's some things we need to remember each week:

Mondays - we will have our spelling tests and new spelling will be distributed and uploaded onto this page. On Mondays we also need our boots (particularly as the weather turns) as we access the Woodland at lunchtime.

Tuesdays - we visit the library to change our reading books. Please make sure you bring your reading book in every week so we can change it for a new one.

Wednesdays - Come to school wearing your PE kit please.


If you'd like to get a head-start on next week's spellings we will be looking at words with a 'silent b'

bomb, comb, debt, climb, crumb, doubt

We are also learning the following words from our Statutory Word List

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve



16.9.20 It's so great to be able to see all our friends again. We spend our playtimes on the playground but at lunchtimes we have a chance to use the woodland area and the MUGA too.

15.9.20 Working hard in a maths lesson.

11.9.20 Everyone in Year 5 brings individual skills and talents. We all fit together to make a great team.


What a brilliant first day back in 5SE. We were so proud of everyone coming back into school with such a positive attitude and being so ready to learn.

In Literacy this week we are looking at a brilliant book by Oliver Jeffers called 'Here we are'. If you'd like to share the short video we watched with your families 'Google' "Here we are film trailer" and it will pop up. We have already thought about our own safe spaces and written poems for a display in our shared area.

In Maths we have started with Place Value; reminding ourselves about the value of the digits in really big numbers. We will be using a range of different equipment to support this.

As I'm sure you'll understand, there have had to be some adjustments to our timetables and this may continue to be the case over the next few weeks. Please bear with us. At the moment we are not doing indoor PE so children will only need to come to school in PE kits once a week - for us this is a Wednesday. We will continue to do our daily mile on all other days as we did last year but we don't need to be in PE kit for this. If children's school shoes are not appropriate, they will need trainers to change into please.

Welcome to 5SE.

It was great to meet some of you on our transition sessions in school during the last week of term and great to speak to some of you on the telephone. We are really looking to welcoming you back into school in September and getting to know you all better. Our class will be coming in at 9:00 and leaving at 3:10. 

Mrs Stocks will be teaching on Mondays and Tuesdays then Mrs Ellis will be teaching on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Sykes and Mrs Taylor joining our class at various times throughout the week to provide additional support.

When we return in September, our history topic will be about the Anglo-Saxons while in science we will be learning about Earth and space. We have prepared our classroom already and it is looking great. Mrs Ellis is a brilliant art teacher and has some great art projects planned too. We will be doing PE on Wednesdays so on those days you will need to come dressed in your PE kits. We are also excited to announce our 'Welly Day' which will be on Mondays when, weather permitting, we will be able to use the woodland area at lunchtime. We will need to bring our wellies to school that day.

There's so much to look forward to but before then, we wish you a very happy holiday. Whether you have the chance to go away or are simply chilling out close to home, we hope you have a really wonderful time. Mrs Ellis and I are both looking forward to our holidays with our own families but if you would like to get in touch e-mail us on and we will endeavour to get back to you towards the end of August.

Take care, stay safe and we'll see you again soon.

Mrs Ellis and Mrs Stocks