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Well what a week - It started with the Big Sing at Newsome High School. The children sang songs and also performed two tunes on their brass instruments - We will rock you and I feel good. It was lovely to perform alongside other schools and was wonderful to see so many parents/carers turn up to watch. A proud moment.

Thursday saw us celebrating World Book day - not that we need an excuse to read. There are lots of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans in 5HH and so we practiced drawing in the style of Jeff Kinney and then created some books of our own using these skills.


Lots of hard work completed in 5HH again this week.


In maths we used concrete resources to change improper fractions to mixed numbers. Using concrete resources helps us to visualise and therefore understand new concepts better.


In science we carried out two experiments. We wanted to know if the surface that ice was placed on effected how long it took to melt. Can you work out the results looking at the photograph?

We also carried out an experiment looking at which material was the best insulator. To our surprise bubble wrap was the run away winner.


In Literacy we wrote a story about a key. Look at Alice's writing - we really want her to continue with this story



In P.E this half term we have been concentrating on our fitness. We have been carrying out circuit training activities and keeping a log of our timings. Over 6 weeks we have all made improvements. We need to keep this up!


5HH have been studying the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar. Stanley the main character has been sent to Camp Green Lake for a crime he did not commit and has to dig a five foot by five foot hole every day in blistering conditions.

We went out into our "wild area" to have a go at digging holes so we could imagine what it must have been like for Stanley.

The weather was different and out holes weren't very big but we realised digging holes is "hard work".


In the run up to half term, we are going to be focusing on the spelling pattern  'ough'. This pattern can make many different sounds. Read this passage and see how many different sounds you can spot.

A rough-coated, dough faced ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough coughing and hiccoughing thoughtfully.

Our statutory words are: bargain, bruise and category.

Our high frequency words are: important and children.


This fortnight we are striving for spelling excellence by learning the spelling rule -ence. We are modifying last week's spellings by changing the ending (for example we are changing 'patient' to 'patience' and 'silent' to 'silence'). We are also thinking about the Characteristic for Learning "Being a Self-manager". One way we can demonstrate this characteristic is to take responsibility for learning our own spellings.

We completed a range of maths activities during our open morning on Wednesday.

Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter Spring

Welcome back 5HH to a brand new year and a brand new decade.

I am really pleased with how well you have settled back. Expectations and standards are high.

We started the week creating some amazing feathers. These are going to be used as part of a display in the entrance to school so watch out!


In maths we have been using concrete resources to understand how to multiply using the column method.


On Thursday we finished our Science topic on forces by creating some amazing rockets. To make things harder we were given a fresh egg that had to be fired up with the rocket and land in one piece. Ask us how we got on!


Your spelling task for this fortnight is to look at words that end in -ent. It is always correct to write ent after a soft c or soft g (for example, magnificent). It is almost always correct to write ent after qu, ti or ci (for example, frequent).


As we start a new year, we are revising the spellings for January, February and August. Remember, these proper nouns require capital letters too please.

Our statutory words are controversy, dictionary and disastrous.