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It is officially the summer term!  I hope you all had a good break from school-work over Easter and are eager and ready for some new learning this week. 


Rather than updating individual class pages, all work for year 4 will be on the year 4 page from now on, so this is the last update (for now) on 4GI.  Please check Year 4 only from now on.


In the Time-Table Rockstarts competition Battle of the Bands – you smashed it as a class beating 3LG.  Well done especially to our most valuable players: 1st = Xavier, 2nd = Kaison and 3rd = Daniyal.  Keep practicing every day if you can and look for our new competition against other schools on the year 4 page!


We warmly welcome back Miss Garside after her maternity leave.  Work will be set by the whole year 4 team, Mrs Hitchen, Miss Garside and I am also continuing be part of the year 4 team.


See you on the year 4 page!

Mrs Ireland

Have a hopping Easter my lovelies! Make sure you stay safe and enjoy time spent with your family. Hopefully we will all be back together soon. 🐣🐰


Miss Garside 


I hope everyone has been keeping up with the home learning set over the last two weeks, I’ve missed seeing everyone but have enjoyed the messages you have sent on Purple Mash.  I have now set up a class blog so that we can all keep in touch with one another.


For the next two weeks it is the Easter holidays and as such I will not be setting you any new tasks to complete, however please feel free to finish any that you have not yet had chance to complete. 


In the school’s newsletter there are lots of Easter activity ideas for you to try, I’ve added an activity 50 Things (to do before you are 11 and ¾) that you might like to try too.  The blank boxes are for you to draw/write about/add a picture of you doing the activity.


Although this Easter it is a bit different to normal, I want you to rest, relax and have fun!


Mrs Ireland x



I hope everyone has enjoyed their first week of home school.  Well done to those children who have completed and submitted your Purple Mash and work.  It was lovely to see so many of you have been working on this.  For week 2 please complete the tasks below:



Can you create an acrostic poem in your exercise book HOME SCHOOL to tell me what you have enjoyed e.g.

Happy to be at home with my family

Outdoors in the sun

Making time for my school work

Eating healthy snacks


I have set new items on Purple Mash:

  • Spellings - gue and que endings
  • Alien Hotel – chapter 2 reading and activities
  • Animal Boy – chapter 2 reading and activities



To continue our Ancient Greek topic work I have set 2 new activities on Purple Mash:

  • Ancient Greek Houses
  • Ancient Greek Compare


In addition to this, can you look in a recipe book or online and create a Greek inspired meal?  You could actually cook this and take a picture for your book, or draw a picture and label the ingredients, even better can you write a set of instructions following on from the work we had been doing in literacy? Remember that you would have a title, sub headings, equipment list, method and you would use time connectives.



For maths please continue to try to beat your previous score on ttrockstars.

I would also like you to have a look at the lessons for year 4 on White Rose Maths.  This has 5 lessons per week with activities and answers.  Week 1 and 2 are currently available, working with tenths and hundredths.


Outdoor learning

I hope you have been out in your graden/for your daily exercise.  Whilst outside why not try some of these suggested activities:






For the remainder of week 1 please complete the home learning pack maths element - adding 4 digit numbers.


For literacy use the 'Direct Speech' pages. 


Purple Mash

  • Alien Hotel  - reading and comprehension
  • Animal Boy - reading and comprehension
  • Spellings - statutory words
  • Mash Club - have a go at the coding unit

  • Grammar Y4 A
  • Noun phrases A
  • Terminology A


***This is work for the week so can be done at any time


As part of our topic work I challenge you to have a go at creating your own Greek Labyrinth.  You can either make one using any items around the house (cushions, lego, toy cars, spaghetti, paper etc) or outdoors (sticks, stones, leaves etc). Take a picture and save it to show me when we return to school. You could even draw one and challenge a family member to get to the centre to fight the minotaur!



Monday 23rd March - work from home:


Maths - Please do a session on Time Table Rockstars and the first 2 pages of your home learning pack, adding two 4 digit numbers.


Then visit Purple Mash - in the 2Do's area is:

  • Harry's Party - plural possessive
  • Story Gaps - expanded noun phrases



**** School closure details ****



Below is a possible timetable to follow if you want.

Before 9:00

Wake Up

Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed



Follow Joe Wicks on You Tube. He will be streaming an exercise class every morning



Read and complete paper based activities from your pack and the school website



lego, drawing, crafting, listen to music etc...



Eat lunch, help wash up.



Go on Purple Mash, Times Table Rockstars, Classroom Secrets,


Quiet Time

Read a book, do a puzzle, listen to some music


Fresh Air

Go in the garden, go for a walk.  Remember to keep your distance you shouldn't be playing with friends.

During the forthcoming period of school closure I have set children up on a number of websites so that you can access educational materials and games appropriate to year 4.  Each week I will be setting at least 2 activities per day for children to complete.  I will be updating this page with information of the tasks for the week, as well as spellings to learn. 


Children will be coming home with a folder that contains a home learning pack, exercise book, practical ideas booklet as well as a pen and pencil.  There is a new exercise book for children to record activities in.


Details of the core websites are below. Children have practiced logging in and have their usernames and passwords in their planners.  As well as these websites there are many others such as Twinkl ( that are offering free membership that you may want to sign up to in addition to those listed below.  I have also hear that the National Trust are making parking/admission free during this period to enable families to enjoy the outdoors.


Please keep visiting class pages for regular updates. I hope you all stay safe and well.


Mrs Ireland


Classroom Secrets  (kids area) – lots of mixed resources independent access

Username and password are in planners

Username = 149218firstname



Purple Mash – I will set units to complete.  Go to 2Do’s area

Username and password stuck in home exercise book



TT Rockstars – in planners

username =  initial-surname-number

Username and password are in planners

w/c Monday 9th March 2020


In literacy this week children have been learning about limericks, we have some budding poets!


Maths has been all about angles, acute, obtuse, right angles and we even discussed reflux angles too.


In art we are continuing our Greek theme and are making a class frieze to go round the top of the classroom, similar to those found at the top of Greek temples.


Spelling for next week:













Arithmetic facts are based on division of 8's.

w/c 2nd March 2020


This week started with a special assembly with parents about reading as World Book day falls on Thursday.  Thank you to the adults who came in and came to class to share in our guided reading lesson.


In literacy children have started to write their own instructions linked to the Greek myth the story of Icarus where Icarus and his father build some wings to escape being locked in a tower.  We have identified the equipment needed and will be writing the instructions and safety information next.


In maths we have been practicing multiplication this week.


Science has seen us examining the digestive system.  Children are now able to identify the different body parts and their function.  We had a experiment where we recreated the digestion process.  


Spellings for next week are common exception words:













Science - recreating the digestion process
World book day - we did some shared reading with year 5 - photos to follow

w/c 24th February 2020


What a fantastic end to the week - Greek day.  Children really enjoyed the day.  They made their own Greek flatbreads, created a matching pair of sandals which they have been designing in DT.  They used the Greek alphabet to create their own name plaques, we watched some Greek dancing and to finish the day we tried some Greek food.  Not many children like olives!


In PE this week we have been using the apparatus and will be looking at moving from one piece of equipment to another and performing a synchronised hold.


In literacy we have been looking at instructions, children did a 'Cold Write' (this is with little teaching input) on how to make a jam sandwich.  I then followed their instructions with some hilarious results...


A selection of the Greek day photos:



w/c 10th February 2020

In maths this week children have been dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers.  They started by using a number line and chunking in multiples that they knew to get close to the total and then smaller steps to reach it.  Towards the end of the week they have moved to short (bus stop) division.  They have done amazingly well as division, fractions and time are some of the tricky areas for children in maths.


Literacy work this week has been focused on playscripts.  Children have learnt the features of playscripts, written 2 scenes and a soliloquy.  They have punctuated correctly, using the speakers name and a colon and not using speech.  They have added some amazing stage directions and we are looking forward to acting these out (photos to follow!)


Our Ancient Greek topic is running throughout the term and in design and technology we have been designing a pair of sandals, we will be making these on Friday, thinking about the different features and how they are to be joined.  We have also learning about Greek God's , buildings and legend's and will be using our knowledge to produce a fact file about Ancient Greece.  

w/c 3rd February 2020


In literacy we have been learning about what features there are in a play script, identifying and labelling in an existing Greek play.  We will be moving on next week to write our own play and to act it out.


Maths has seen children getting to grips with money, using coins to work out different amounts.  Please get children playing with coins at home if you can, set them some challenges e.g. how many ways can you make 50p and give them a selection of coins.


In science we have been continuing looking at states of matter and have explored the water cycle. 


Spellings for next week (sc)












w/c 27th January 2020


This weeks journey back from swimming filled the children with excitement as it had snowed whilst we were swimming.  This week children were practicing backcrawl and showed some good technique.


In maths we have been looking at units of measurement and on Thursday children were estimating volumes of water and then accurately measuring in mm, then converting to cl and l.


In topic children became archaeologists and uncovered an ancient Greek pot which they pieced back together and made observations about their find.



In literacy we have finished our group write about the 'Deathcrawler', there was some fantastic descriptive language used.  I was really impressed by everyone's effort.


w/c 20th January 2020


We had a real treat this week with a visiting theatre company performing Cinderella. 




Our topic is materials this half term.  We have been looking at what makes something a SOLID, LIQUID or GAS.  We have  been investigating changing states.  We have investigated the best temperature to MELT chocolate and which fizzy drink contains the most CARBON DIOXIDE (GAS). 



We are expanding our dance routine from last week, our mythical creature the 'DeathCrawler' wakes up and starts to hunt for prey in the labyrinth.



We have been recreating a myth and done some absolutely fantastic writing.  Next week we will be producing our final version to go on display as the work really has been amazing.  We will then be looking at creating a brand new myth.



Children have been continuing working with fractions looking at numbers bigger than a whole and equivalent fractions. 



w/c Monday 13th January


Thankyou to those parents and carers that came in to school for our maths morning on Wednesday this week.  We had a carousel of activities: making fractions with Cusinere rods, problem solving challenges and building fractions with cubes and drawing them.  


In literacy we have created a class monster and are using this to inspire us in dance for PE.


In science children have been experimenting with gases and have calculated how much the bubbles (carbon dioxide) in fizzy pop weigh.


Spellings (-ous)











w/c Monday 6th January


The first week back from Christmas break has been a busy one.  We have started our new topic 'Ancient Greece' and in literacy and guided reading we have been exploring Greek myths and legends.  In our topic lessons will be making links to Ancient Greece. 


In design and technology we will be designing and making our own sandals, inspired by Greek designs. 


In geography we are locating places using atlases and researching into climate and landscapes. This week we identified the world's 7 continents and pinpointed England and Greece.


In computing we are looking at coding, as well as continuing to get timetables practice with Time Table Rockstar's.  If you can encourage practice at home too this would be great, the log in link is here:



In maths we are examining decimals, fractions and measurements this half term, as well as continuing to practice our timetables of course.


In PE we are creating a dance routine, inspired by mythical creatures trapped in a labyrinth.


This weeks spellings are homophones/ near homophones:













Arithmetic facts are numbers divisible by 6.




w/c 16th December 2019


Wow what a busy week filled with lessons and extra Christmas activities.


On Monday children went to Newsome church to sing carols.  Thank you to all the parent's and carers that came with us.  On Tuesday we had our year 4 Christmas party and we have been enjoying the food all week as we have lots and lots brought in!


We have been writing letters to the council to protest against the proposed sale of the wild are and top field.  The letters were very persuasive and this morning we received a phone call to say that our letters meant so much that the council have reversed their decision to sell the land.  Well done to everyone in 4GI, there were some great letters which have now formed part of our corridor display.


School will no longer be providing tissues in class so if you can please send your child with a small packet to have in their desk draw that would be appreciated.


I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas break and come back refreshed in 2020 for the wonderful learning to come!



Hello parents and carers!


We now have our very own class page and I will be sharing what we have been up to each week in 4GI.  


In 4GI the class teacher is Mrs Ireland, supported by Miss Taylor.  Other adults that teach in class are Mrs Stott, Miss Porter and Mrs Woodhead.  Miss Garside is currently on maternity leave so the class name has been made as 4 Garside-Ireland, 4GI.


I will be hoping to add lots of photo's shortly (once technology allows), in the interim I will let you know what we are doing below.


Mrs Ireland


w/c 9th December


In literacy this week we received the terrible news that the wild area and the top field are going to be sold to make way for 100 new houses in Newsome.  The children have been examining a letter that Miss Fraser has written to the council to try to persuade them to reverse this decision.  They have been learning what features make good persuasive writing.


Maths = 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than a number.


Children have been working hard to understand what place value digit changes when adding or subtracting 10, 100 or 1000.  They found that this is trickier when the number changing is a 9 as they have to go to the next column.


Our science topic is sound and children this week will be examining how sound travels over distance.


In PE we have been learning about jumps and rolls and this week we will be starting on combining these to make a mini gymnastics routine.


Spellings for next week are from the year 4 statutory list: