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Please look on the Year 6 Class Page for details of home learning activities; activities for both classes are being put on that page. 



We've made a positive start back after the holiday and we're all ready for the final push as we work towards SATs.  This week's spellings are:  system, temperature, thorough, twelfth and variety (Y5/6 statutory words) and guide, island, solemn, subtle and knowledge (silent letters spelling rule).

14.2.20  Going the extra mile!!


Lucas has made this amazing pyramid at home using sugar cubes.  Well done Lucas for making the extra effort smiley





We've been studying about how living things are classified and had a go a classifying some things for ourselves.  It was sometimes quite tricky to think of yes/no questions so that we could split the group into two ways each time.  



In Topic we have been using our mapping skills to identify places of importance in Ancient Egypt.  

15.1.20  Maths Morning


On Maths Morning, we had a variety of activities going on around the classroom; these were helping us to apply our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages.  Abigail's dad is helping her with a fractions matching jigsaw. 




Happy New Year!


We've made a great start to the year with a busy first week.  On Monday afternoon we got creative and decorated some feathers as part of a whole school Art project and produced some stunning work - below are just a few examples.  I can't wait to see the finished piece of work. 

9.1.20  Maths


We've been using our skill in finding percentages to decide which we would rather:

19.12.19   Independent Writing


After doing some Talk for Writing to share ideas about what the lizard might look like, what it might eat, how it might behave and why it might be endangered, we independently planned and wrote our reports.  Then we independently edited them and wrote them up in neat.  Miss Newsome thinks that we have created some fabulous work.  smiley

18.12.19  Maths


We've been practising using protractors to construct triangles by accurately measuring the lines and angles. 



Life Skills


Joel and Jack have enjoyed decorating some festive biscuits as part of their life skills programme. 


In Maths this week we have been thinking about volume.  We have investigated different ways cuboids of the same volume can be made and we have drawn them.  We have also investigated nets of 3d shapes.  We drew the net then made it using Polydron to test if we were correct.   

Our spellings this week are as follows:  

The statutory words are: necessary, neighbour, nuisance, occupy and occur.

The spelling rule is adding a suffix to root words which in in y.  These words are: happily, mysterious, business, 
applied and spying.