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What we will be learning

Below is a table of what each year group will learn term by term. 








What do creation stories tell us?


How do Jews remember God’s covenant to Abraham and Moses?

What do Christians believe is a good life?


This unit will explore the creation stories from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism, how these stories have impacted upon the faiths in the past, and how relevant they are today.

This unit focuses on what it is like to be Jewish; how ideas of God are expressed in stories, celebration, ritual and action and about Moses as a key leader in the Jewish tradition.

Pupils begin this unit by learning about the importance of the Bible for Christians – what it is and how it helps Christians to live their lives.


How do the five pillars guide Muslims?


What faiths are shared in our country?


Why are Gurus at the heart of Sikh belief and practice?


Children learn about Muslim beliefs and practices it expands and develops learning about the Five Pillars of Islam as a way of focusing on key beliefs for Muslims.

This unit looks at different places of worship in the local and wider community and their significance to believers.

This unit explores the concept of ‘guru’ in Sikhism as an introduction to Sikh religious belief and practice.


Should we forgive others?


Why are some journeys and places special?

What do Christians believe about the old and new covenants?


Children will explore the partner concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation in Christianity.


This unit explores the special journeys that people make.  It includes pilgrimages and spiritual journeys as well as metaphorical journeys through faith.

This unit explores some of the different covenants between God and various key figures in the Bible in both the Old and New Testament.


How do Sikhs show commitment?


What do Christians believe about Jesus’ death and resurrection?

How does growing up bring responsibilities?


Children continue to develop their understanding of Sikhism including worship practices.  Children evaluate concepts such as values (and how they inform religious practice), symbols, commitment and service within Sikhism.

In this unit children study the celebrations of Jesus’ death and resurrection, in an attempt to explain links between scripture sources and Christian beliefs.

This unit starts by exploring the responsibilities and opportunities that arise as young people grow into adulthood. It investigates religious and secular responses to growing up, including rites of passage