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Year 4

First Aid - Shock



Transient art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Outdoor Learning inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Hunting for mini-beasts

Outdoor learning inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Welcome to Year 4!


The staff at Newsome Juniors have started to fill this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.
If you have any ideas for this page, why not let your teacher know?
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Class 4MB


Welcome to 4MB!


This week we have been busy adding to our class rainforest. We did some wonderful art work showing off painting skills to create colour palletes (see images below). In our maths lessons, we have been using some of the new practical equipment to help with 4 digit additions. 

We have enjoyed our swimming and brass lessons; improving every session. no


Home school books have gone home today with this weeks spelling and the login in details for the Times Table Rockstars click here to go straight to the website. I (Mr Brown) will be having a go to make sure I stay at the top of the leaderboard. Also, click here to go to the Active Learn website to tackle those activites that have been assigned. Dojos will be given to those who are especially busy this week!


The children created our class charter; sharing the values and expectations they wanted within the class. Individual targets were chosen and children are working hard already to achieving those personal goals. 



Our school council representatives were democratically elected; after all the candidates gave great pledges to the whole class. Congratulations to the elected duo of Abbie and Evan ! 👏

Maths on the ipads

Maths on the ipads 1
Maths on the ipads 2
Maths on the ipads 3
Maths on the ipads 4
Maths on the ipads 5
Maths on the ipads 6
Maths on the ipads 7
Maths on the ipads 8
Maths on the ipads 9

Our Rainforest

Quote of the week!

Quote of the week! 1
Quote of the week! 2
Quote of the week! 3

Class 4HH


Welcome to Year 4HH, a class where we strive hard to achieve.

We started of the year by creating our mission statement and individual targets.

Already we are making progress.


Our topic this year is Rainforests. We have already used atlases to locate where they are and have completed some outstanding work on the different layers. 

Take a look at Nathan and Lydia's work.




On Friday's we are learning how to play brass instruments. We learnt our first song this week and the instructor was really impressed! Watch this space for photographs and videos.


Congratulations to Ashton, Faith and Lydia who were voted as Class Councillors. They are working hard for the class in ensuring we have the right equipment to play with at break times.