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Year 4

Class 4GE had great fun on Roald Dahl day. We enjoyed dressing up and looked at the Centipede's Song from James and the Giant Peach. We had a go at writing our own version where we were a class who loved to eat revolting things. See if you can spot the strangest thing we like to eat!


Class 4GE’s favourite food song


“We’ve eaten many strange and scrumptious dishes in our time,

Like wabub flesh and curried moon-cheese and green mucus cooked in slime,

And dragon’s feet - they’re really neat

When roasted in their prime.

(but don’t forget the dragon blood and a piece of stinky lime!”)


“We’ve eaten fresh fish skin from the greatest cod there are,

And scrambled snails and slugs and warthogs stewed in tar,

And pails of three headed worms and rotten butterflies

And gone off zombie guts near and far.

(Zombie guts are improved by mouldy slime from a jar.”)


“We often eat boiled cats tails. They’re grand when served beside

Minced frog’s flesh and curried worm pie. And have you ever tried

Spiced rats and mouldy cats hats

Most sizzlingly fried?

(The only trouble is that cats tails can get dried.”)


“We’re mad for slushy mud on a piece of buttered toast,

And pickled juice of ants. And then a gorgeous roast

Of goat flesh, well hung not fresh-

It costs a hundred dojos at most.

(And frog’s eyes and sour slugs can be sent to you by post.”)


“We crave the tasty shark kebabs of the North Sea for tea,

We love spider skewers. We crave spiky stewers, and surely you’ll agree

A plate of rotten banana

A super recipe.

(We hardly need mention rat stew- All the more for us if you disagree!!”)


“For dinner on our birthdays shall we tell you what we choose:

Fish gut soup and jigglebug gloop on a bed of worn out shoes-

And a rather putrid dish

Made of fox’s nose and rotting migglewish.

(The migglewish is delicious but you have to hold your nose.”)


“Now comes,” Class 4GE declare, “The reason for our speech:

These foods are rare beyond compare – some are right out of reach;

But there’s no doubt we’d go without

A million plates of each

For one small mite,

One tiny bite,

Of our troublesome times-tabling teach (Mrs Ellis!”)







Welcome to Year 4!

Our teachers are Mrs Stocks and Mrs Lambley in class 4LS with support from Mrs Woodhead.

In class 4GE the teacher are Mrs Ellis and Mrs Greenough with support from Mrs Taylor.

Year 4 are excited about our swimming lessons on Wednesday afternoons.

This half term we have brilliant Rugby lessons delivered by the Huddersfield Giants on Thursday so all children will need their outdoor PE kit in school all week.

Our topic is the Victorians. Thank you to everyone who completed their homework. We had some fantastic learning brought back to school. Those that took part have really boosted their topic knowledge. Well done!

Children can continue to practice their TTrockstars at home and continue their journey to becoming Rock Legends!