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Year 6

Snow Art - Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Safety - Tool Talks 10.1.18

Co-operation - Friendship Bracelets

Transient Art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 13/12/17

Transient art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 6/12/17

Transient art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 29/11/17

Tool Talks 22/11/17

We grow, harvest, prepare, cook and eat our own fruit and vegetables 21/11/17

Blindfold games

Robinwood Information

The Robinwood trip is upon us and we are looking forward to a fantastic few days packed full of fun activities! Children should come into school at normal time on Monday (20th November) with their luggage and in non-uniform. Please remember to bring along any medicines required. We aim to leave school at 9.30am on Monday and the coach is due back at school at 3.15pm on Wednesday. A text will be sent to parents if we are going to be a few minutes late. We are thoroughly looking forward to the trip!

Year 6 Update! 3.11.17

It's been a busy week back at school after a lovely break. It was fantastic to see so many supportive parents at parents' evening! 

This week, Year 6 were tasked with writing stories that build tension. Why not test your child to see if they can remember the writing features that are used to build suspense? Here are some fantastic examples: 


Flickering brightly, the roaring flames danced around the once dark and decrepit underpass in the puzzling pyramid. As the dusty floor immediately swirled around beneath my feet, I could taste a mix of saliva and sweat (which was forming a pool in my mouth that I couldn't swallow). 


Spookily, the lights - which were made of fire - lit up the end of the passageway. When the light hit me, it made me jump; it lit up at an unexpected time. Suddenly, the crumbling walls fell down near me: my heart was pounding. I was looking at the painted walls while I carried on walking hesitantly. I could see a god with giant muscles; people were praying to him. 


Excellent work Year 6 - keep it up! 


Miss Walker :) 

Year 6 update! 13.10.17


In Year 6 this week, we have learnt all about the mummification process - we have even mummified our friends! This resulted in some fantastic explanation texts! Why not test your child to see if they can remember the stages of mummification? 

Challenge of the Week 

We are still fraction mad across Year 6 this week! Can the children complete this extra challenge? 

A little monkey had 60 peaches.

On the first day he decided to keep 3/4 of his peaches.
He gave the rest away. Then he ate one.

On the second day he decided to keep 7/11 of his peaches.
He gave the rest away. Then he ate one.

On the third day he decided to keep 5/9 of his peaches.
He gave the rest away. Then he ate one.

On the fourth day he decided to keep 2/7 of his peaches.
He gave the rest away. Then he ate one.

On the fifth day he decided to keep 2/3 of his peaches.
He gave the rest away. Then he ate one.

How many did he have left at the end?


The children have had another great week of learning. We are looking forward to the last week of half term with more fantastic progress made before a well-deserved break! 

Year 6 Challenge of the Week! 

In Maths, the children have worked incredibly hard and have been learning about fractions but can they complete this extra challenge? 


Using the numbers 8, 8, 3 and 3 once, how many different ways can you make the number 24? 

You can add, subtract, multiply or divide - good luck! 

This week, the children have been baking Ancient Egyptian-style bread! I'm sure you will be looking forward to seeing your child's amazing efforts when they bring their freshly baked bread home! 

Class 6BW

Welcome to Year 6's blogging page! 

This week - in correlation with our Ancient Egyptian theme - the children have been trapped inside a pyramid! 6BW have produced some amazing descriptive writing from inside the pyramid! Take a look:


'Overwhelmingly, I could smell a rotten stench from the vintage, dusty tombs. Softly, I could hear the hieroglyphics talking amongst themselves. Scowling, the hieroglyphics were looking at me. Scared, I kept on walking towards the ancient, sinister door. I tripped on a silvery rock. There were now sandy, crumbly obstacles in my way. There was no easy way of getting past them all...' 


'Swiftly, I crept along the winding, stuffy corridors that seemed to lead me nowhere. Every move I made would make the wall ever so slightly crumble. My bare feet scraped along the cold, hard stone that made my feed bleed like I had been impaled. Suddenly, I felt tired and dizzy and my legs went numb. My eyes had closed and they wouldn't open. A few minutes later, I got up (still in pain) and ran. I felt isolated and scared. I kept hearing moans from a distance - was it the groans of the Pharaohs whose souls were trapped and forgotten within the walls of the death-defying pyramid?' 


I am super proud of 6BW this week - they have worked exceptionally hard! Keep it up! :) 

More examples of our amazing work are to follow... 


Welcome to Year 6!


The children have survived the first four weeks of the term!

I am really pleased with how hard they have been working.

Below is a list of some fabulous authors, can you guess who they are?

As her eyes were flooded with tears, Jub swiftly ran through the ghastly forest. She saw the children with tight faces as their dreams were turned into nightmares.

The snakes hissed in anger, as I hurdled over them and sprinted through the deep dark tunnel.

The witch lived in the trunk of a dead tree in the darkest, thorniest, part of the forest. When the ungrateful witch opened the sack of happy endings, she was raging!

As Mia sprinted through the dark gloomy forest, children were nestled in their warm comfy beds, listening to bedtime stories.

Mrs Mitchell