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Year 3

In Year 3 we are excited to be back in school after Easter. Our new topic is 'The Romans.' We have already started making some mosaics.

Did you know? Romans used communal toilets and all shared a sponge on a stick for wiping! Yuck...


3SE spellings for week beginning 23rd April are:

Words ending in –ture






Yr 3/4 words





Remember your child might have personalised spellings. Always check their home school record book.



Weekly expectations in Year 3

In Year 3 the expectation for homework each week is the following.

Bug Club – read one book as well as answer the comprehension questions.

Abacus - activity set by teacher

Times Table Rockstars 

Spellings – sent home on a weekly basis

We do allow children who don't have access to computers, the time to complete work in our computing slot.



Class 3SE

Spellings for test on Thursday 29th March

This week’s spellings suffix -ous







Year 3/4 words





Note: Some children have personalised spellings, please check your child's planner.



Spellings for test on Thursday 29th March

This weeks rule suffix -ion











3EG Spellings













3SE Spellings














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Thanks for your support!

On Wednesday, Year Three travelled by coach to the museum. It was an exciting day. For most, the trip down the mine was the highlight, even if the lift was rather rattly and old! Whilst underground, the children saw old mine machinery, salt crystals and collected some pieces of coal and were entertained and informed by an experienced miner.  Back at the surface, the groups were able to explore the museum, looking at artefacts and take part in a workshop. During the workshop, the children learned about the origins of coal 310 million years ago, and were able to identity different types of rock including mudstone, limestone, sandstone and ironstone.

This week in our topic lesson, we have been writing our names, age and a fact about ourselves in Chinese Symbols.


Can you guess which one belongs to your child? 


Classes 3SE and 3EG have been busy over the last 2 weeks.

In Maths we have been learning a new method to multiply called Grid Method and using it to solve word problems such as 'There are 8 classes at Newsome Junior School. Each class has 31 children in it. How many children are there in total at the school?' We are now moving onto the inverse of multiplying; division!

In Literacy we have been learning about Non Chronological reports. These are like fact files. We have written two reports. The first, based on Rats, was inspired by our reading book 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin.'  During Guided reading we researched all about Foxes to help us write our second Non Chron. We definitely know what the words Nocturnal and Scavengers mean now! We've also learned some 'Wow' verbs such as locate and equip, and used the conjunctions therefore and whereas. 

Wow, I have been completely blown away today by the talents of 3EG. 

I have an entire class of musicians, in just 30 minutes the whole class were able to confidently play the pentatonic scale. Not only have they learnt the scale, but they have learnt to play 'Gong hei fat choi'  Well done 3EG, you continue to amaze me! 


Our Christmas performance was called “A Cool Yule” and it told the story of 4 time travelling children who travel back in time to meet lots of Vikings celebrating Yuletide. All the Year 3 children were involved and we were supported by our teachers and Mr Lewis. 


We sang some well known carols, making some fantastic word changes to make them more Viking! Jingle Bells became “Sunwheels Roll”, Winter Wonderland became “Viking Vonderland,”  Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer became “Eric the Red Nosed Viking!”


With the help of our piano teacher Mr Lewis we wrote a song called Viking Yule (It’s gonna be so cool!) and we wrote our own version of the Twelve days of Christmas called Viking Town.


We performed a dress rehearsal on Tuesday for the whole school. It went better than we thought. The dress rehearsal was nerve wracking but it all came together in the end.


On the 20th December we performed for the parents and adults. The hall was packed with over a hundred parents. When the parents came they found a seat and looked around to find their child. Each chair had a programme that we made so the parents knew the story.


Recount written by Madeline, Harvey, Alice, Furqan, Neveah, Ava, Mollie, Grace


Read on for some quotes from children and teachers about our production:


Grace K:  “ I felt a little nervous when I said my line, but in a proud way.”

Seher, Neveah:   “ I felt confident, excited and proud”

Ruby:  “ I felt nervous at first but then I felt happy”

Mrs Ellis:    "I was so impressed by the children's teamwork!"

Matthew:  “I thought it was excellent.”

Mollie:  “I loved the part where I hung the decorations on the tree”

Ava: “I was impressed with the set and props. I think the parents felt joyful at our progress”

A Cool Yule

A Cool Yule 1
A Cool Yule 2
A Cool Yule 3
A Cool Yule 4
A Cool Yule 5
A Cool Yule 6
A Cool Yule 7
A Cool Yule 8


Wow! What a fantastic fun-filled Viking Day! 

We started by meeting Njal and Sven from the Northlands. After break we held: The 'thing' which was a Viking meeting. We came to trade silver, objects and decide a sheep stealing case. The children were 'Thralls' or slaves sold to the Viking traders for 30 pieces of silver. 


After lunch, we experienced jobs from a Viking longhouse. These included: grinding wheat on the quorn stone and churning milk into butter. We also looked at a Viking toilet! Next, we spun flax to make linen thread. Did you know they softened it using wee?  


Finally, we sailed on our Longship across the North Sea to raid the Monasteries and collect all their silver. Unfortunately, Sven lost his life during the battle. We finished the day by having a lovely ceremony to help Sven pass into Valhöll. 


Welcome back to all the lovely children in year 3! 


On Monday, we had an exciting assembly. It was time for each class to pick their new class name. In the luck of the draw, 3EG will now be called 'Phoenix Class'. 


In maths this week, we are learning about shape, including parallel and perpendicular lines. In the excitement of Halloween, we decided to make 3D shapes which were covered in Halloween creatures. The children blew me away with their fantastic building skills, it was super to see so many helping each other too. Take a look at our brilliant designs below.








Mrs Stott's update for Class 3SE

16th October 2017


As half term is coming closer, everybody in Class 3SE has been working hard to complete their 'Hiccup the Viking' stories. The children have adapted the original story to include an adventure into a dragon's cavern. We are trying really hard to improve our cursive handwriting and we have also been experimenting with different writer's tools.

Have a look at the excellent examples of story resolutions below. We can't wait to show all the parents the final drafts on Parents' Evening.


Well done to Shay, Madeline, Grace, Furqan and Brooke, who's work was chosen this time.





Class 3SE

As our Viking topic progresses we have worked outside in the Millennium Garden to create Viking artworks in the style of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Using leaves, twigs and berries we have made site specific sculptures that evoke the feeling of a Viking ship’s hull that has just been discovered by an archaeologist.

In Geography, we have plotted the Viking journeys from their homelands in Scandinavia to their settlements in England. Did you know that the middle of England was once called Danelaw after the Danish Vikings who settled there in 800-900 AD?


Watch this space…In Literacy we are currently writing our own stories about a Viking who is scared to go Dragon hunting. When they are ready we will share some on here with you!



 A big 'Hello' from 3SE! Our topic this term is called 'Vortex to the Vikings.'

We have already learned about Viking Shields and Viking Longships.

Did you know that Longship did not have a cabin? The Vikings used to sleep on deck whatever the weather! They must have been tough. 




Class 3EG


Welcome to 3EG. Year 3 brings new and exciting challenges! In year 3, we are always discovering new ways to promote a love of learning. 


This half term our chosen book is 'How to be a Viking'. It is an exciting adventure which inspired the movie 'How to train your dragon'. By the end of the term we will have written our own fantastic sequels. Not only this, but we have created actions to retell the original story to help us remember it. 



This week in Art we have been looking at collages.

We linked this with our Vikings topic work and created some fabulous Longboat Collages.

At first, we looked at a range of examples to inspire our creative minds. We had to refine our painting techniques to mix a variety of different colours to paint the sky and sea. We also used sponge and short brush strokes to create texture.


As you can see from our results, we worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of our Longboat Collages.












Welcome to Year 3!
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