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Adults in Class 6HH



Miss H Hoare                                            Mrs M Stott                                                  Miss J Boyle

      Teacher (0.7)                                                   Teacher (0.3)                                                  Teaching Assistant

Things to Remember:



You will need to wear your PE kit on Thursday.


You will need to bring your wellies in a named plastic bag EVERY DAY.

If you forget your wellies, you will not be able to explore!


Your home-school reading book will be changed on Friday.

Don't forget to bring your home-school record so your teacher can check your reading progress and parent signature.

Curriculum Newsletters

Our School Council Representatives


Here are the 6HH School Councillors. They all delivered a speech to the class, outlining their suitability for the role of councillor. They were then elected democratically achieving most votes from their peers on election day. Please speak to them if you wish to raise a subject for discussion at School Council Meetings.



School Council Leader                School Council Leader                 School Council Deputy              School Council Deputy  




Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum